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)))G'day. Welcome to Music Universe.

Im Stewie and welcome to my music archive. Here is a site made I've made to show off one of my strongest intrests. Here are the lyrics to some of my personal favs, descriptions, links to official sites, lyrics and some of my own stuff (I play the harmonica). So have fun!

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)))Site news.

Here's a speacial treat from View Askew! The video clips for Kick Some Ass from Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back. Sorry, for the time being, there .ram files. Click the small pic for a link to the video. Click the Jay and Silent Bob Logo for the lyrics.

If a song thats starts out with the words "How many people wanna kick some ass" doest suit you, click here for the lyrics for "Got 2 Be Luv" instead.

2 february- The pictures page has been started, and downloads has been done.

The song you are listening to is Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
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