Libra starts on September 23rd and ends ovtober 23rd.

Ruling planet: Venus
Symbol: The Scales
Element: Air
Mode: Cardinal
Colors: Soft pink, pale green
Number: 6
Best day: Friday
Focus: Relationships
Goals: Belonging, making peace
Motication: Acceptance
Method: Act as part of a couple or team
Strengths: Fair-mindedness, loving nature
Pitfalls: Dependency, indecisiveness
Gemstone: Blue topaz
Crystals: Pink tourmaline, rose quartz, celestine
Flowers: White rose, white conrflower
Love matches: Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Aquarius

Romance is your priority, You'd rather do what you love and just get by than get rich doing something you don't care about. Your efforts to bring about harmony and fair play win you the admiration of many, Your desire to consider all sides of an issue can make you indecisive.

If you're a first-decan Libra, born september 23rd-October 3rd, your intensified Venus power accentuates your artistic, romantic tendencies. Guard against defining yourself in terms of your significan other. Being your own person can raise your self-esteem, and it won't make you any less lovable.

If you were born October 4th-13th, you're in Libra's second decan with Saturn and Uranus as sub-rulers. A true humanitarian, you could succeed in science, medicine or government. You're also a social creature who wants to make a splash in society along with making friends.

If you're in third decan, October 14th-23rd, you are more independent and have a stronger sense of justice than other Libras. Sub=ruler Mercury makes you a skillful communicator, but one who's prone to nervous tension. You need recreation that exercises your body and frees your mind.

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