The Crimson Realm

Welcome to my personal website which I have dubbed the Crimson Realm. I took
an ordinary website with unique topics and formed it into something like a fantastic and magical world. It symbolizes a medievil fantasy world where nearly anything can happen. Picture it as a new realm or simply a web site, but whatever you do, enjoy!

Here in the Crimson Realm, many things can be done. Pictures can be viewed,stories read, poems thought about, and much much more. Look around and find out what other magical things you can absorb from this mystical world.

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My Creations

I myself love to draw and imaginate anything
I can possibly think up. I love designing my own
creatures, warriors, superheros, and worlds.
In this special section of my site, you may see some of
them I have created. The drawings are from my
computer and aren't nearly as good as my hand sketches. But I think
you'll still enjoy it.

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~~ "I took the road less travelled by, and that has made all the difference." ~~
                                                       - Robert Frost -

DISCLAIMER: If any of these animations, pictures, etc. are copyrighted, please contact me so they can be removed immediatly.