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"The past of Willow writes itself through a noble scribe"

Willow stalked through the Chamber of Sorrows silently and covertly. There was usually no one out and about until dawn, which was due in about an hour, so she felt confident she could go unnoticed. She slipped past a Blessed One who was working security at the entrance to the exhaulted hall. It seemed that humans had a low perception rate for Angels and the guard barely lifted his gaze when Willow accidentally bumped into a pedestal and upset an ancient relic from the last Holy War. Luckily she moved her wing to cushion it's fall and took off as the Blessed One came to put it back on it's perch. He looked around for a moment before returning to his post, without ever having detected the stealthy angel.


He woke with a start and immediately started looking around frantically. He sat up like a shot and realised he was the only body in the room.
"Shit," he said under his breath as he grabbed his knives and ran out the door. The second he set foot outside, the security breach started.
"Not now!" he growled in frustration, "She's not with me because she ran away!" The sentrys were the first wave of defense. They converged hard and fast on him, but he just plowed through with superior combat ability. He was finally able to get out of the mob and run ahead. He ran about 500 metres before he looked back and realized he wasn't being followed. He slowed his pace to a wlk to get a better look behind. When he was satisfied they (tbc)