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Full Name: Snitch

Affiliations: Mercenary, Theive's Guild, Spellcrafter's Guild

Family Members: Unknown

Other Contacts: Callis, Sierra, Lupus, Magika, Kain, Elite, Memoria, Arturo, Sen'tir'ni

Traits: Often remembered by his "firey" personality, Snitch is a very unique individual. He is extremely gifted in fire manipulation and theivery. He is always eager to start a fight and usually has one foot out the door.

Physicality: Snitch is very easily recognized by his physical features. He is very tall and thin, and more flexible than muscular. He has a very angular face and sharp features. He has straight, spiked red hair, and brilliant orange-blue eyes. He is usually seen wearing something form fitting and easy to move in.

Weapon of Choice: Snitch's weapon of choice are his hands, able to call fire with the snap of a finger and pick a lock with a flick of the wrist.


Snitch's whereabouts are currently unknown, yet it is a common belief that he walks this mortal plane. We at the Shadow also believe to have made contact with him for a brief period of time before he switched to another mortal's body. We have also been witness to news reports and his own amateur video that has featured his destructive potential. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, we urge you to step forward.