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Full Name: Sierra Solus

Affiliations: Child of the Light, Mortem Gradi (Kiara), Shadow Executive, War of Genesis (major player)

Family Members: Aeger (brother), Saldare (father), Mother (Sylvan)

Other Contacts: Lupus, Juliette, Memoria, Camille, Callis, Ophelia, Mortem Gradi, Magika, etc.

Traits: At first, Sierra was a Child of the Light, which enstowed upon her, traits of kindness, calmness, nobility and an unparalleled compassion. Sierra was also an impecable archer and stalker. Her combat abilities also included short-range swordplay. Once she joined the Shadow, her pledge of alliegance caused some of her Light qualities to fade, and she gained stealth and improved combat abilities.

Physicality: Sierra had the build of a Sylvain; tall and thin. Her wings were white, feathery and slender. She had long blond hair and icy blue eyes. She had a subtle Sylvain influence in her ears, as they came to a slight point. Her left ear was pierced as a symbol of the bond she shared with Aeger.

Weapon of Choice: In her element, (far range stalking) Sierra preferred to use her bow. This bow, fashioned from onyx, ebony, and ivory was split in two pieces, and snapped together to form the curve. Her bow string was made from DuLuarian fibres that stretched once the bow was in full size. Sierra's bow & quiver were worn around her waist, and she kept her dagger (Black Widow) concealed near her ankle. In close-range situations, Sierra used the Shadow Blade which was given to her by Lupus Solus. A beautiful black blade and hilt, Sierra carried it always on her back.


Currently, Sierra is not with us. She gave her life in battle to save Memoria and has been greatly missed. We eagerly await any information regarding her return and pray for her safety and happiness.

More Information To be Added Shortly