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Under Construction

MAY 15/ 17:24 --> MY GOD IT'S ANOTHER UPDATE! Uh... The boss posted. And my lazy ass finally put it up. ;) -EcHo

MARCH 18/ 16:11 --> -yawns- Lookie, I started at 14:40 and now it's 16:11!! I have no life! Okie, updates, updates, updates...
MAG: post & pics
SNITCH: pics
KAIN: completed
ARTURO: completed
BIOS: everyone's bio has been updated
MESSAGE BOARD: It's on the fritz, you have to click the last link.
That's all for now kiddies.

MARCH 18/ 14:40 --> MY GOD IT'S AN UPDATE! Don't worry, the apocolypse is still a long time away. I know I've been slacking lately but I promise I'll try and pick up the pace. I was thinking of adding a section for affiliates of the Shadow (family members, friends, etc) as well. What do you think? Lemme know. -EcHo

JANUARY 22/ 11:02 --> I'm gonna revamp the front page, Kia's back, SiSi's fine, I'm sure. That girl knows how to take care of herself. As for now, updates for Callis, Magika and Snitch. I'm working as fast as I can, believe you me. -Mem

NOVEMBER 14/ 00:09 --> Recently, we suffered a great loss... Two of our dear friends were killed and one was badly hurt in a recent battle. They fought nobly against all odds to come out victorious, and I owe them all, my life. For now, we honor them. -Mem

We haven't lost them, we just haven't found them yet...

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