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Full Name: Memoria Dicere

Affiliations: Shadow Executive and Scribe, Mortem Gradi affiliate and affiliate of The Light, War of Genesis scribe.

Family Members: Mythlin (brother), Legennia (sister, Group of Five), Father, Mother (unknown).

Other Contacts: Callis, Sierra, Lupus, Magika, Kain, Damian, Elite, Light Council, Balance Council, Guild, Scribe Associate, etc.

Traits: Often remembered by her personality, Memoria is a brilliant scribe. She is extremely gifted with the written word and can remember the smallest of details of the past. She is always willing to help, and very dependable.

Physicality: Characteristics which cause Memoria to stand out would definately include her physical appearance. Memoria is not only beautiful in every aspect of her mind, but is also outwardly ravishing. She has long black hair, a very sensual figure, and brown eyes. She has a large bust and hips and a tiny waist. Memoria was of average height and was responsible for the combat style of others.

Weapon of Choice: Memoria's weapon of choice would be her quill and scroll.


Memoria currently resides in the province of Ontario (Can) with Lupus Solus. She is mainly focused on her schooling but makes sure that she always has extra time to write. She has just recently entered the world of martial arts under Lupus' recommendation and has been studying a Japanese art along side him for 2 months. She is focusing on developing her strength and skill with the jo. She keeps herself busy by maintaining two websites designed to keep community members in touch and up to date. Lupus and Memoria are still happily together and have big plans for the upcoming future. -_^