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Full Name: Magika

Affiliations: Shadow Executive and Mercenary

Family Members: Unknown

Other Contacts: Memoria, Sierra, Aeger, Kain, Callis, Lupus, Holy Light, Elite, etc.

Traits: Magika is gifted with an intuitve mind, always able to find a creative solution to a problem. She is extremely resourceful when it comes to spellcrafting & weapon enhancements. She is quiet and known for her perky personality. She can be very quiet and secretive at times, especially when she's planning something big.

Physicality: Magika is fairly short and slender, but possesses a svelt build. She has a very strong torso and can hold her own in any battle of strngth. She has extremely long black hair, usually held up in some creative way. Her eyes are never the same color (she has a fetish for making them technicolor). Magika stands approximately 5'4 and is quite quick on her feet.

Weapon of Choice: Magika's weapon of choice is a wand, given to her by a very old wizard, under whom she apprenticed. This wand was a gift given to her when the elderly wizard decided she was ready to be on her own, and work with the Shadow. Magika is a very unique spellcaster, and often invents new and interesting spells.


Magika currently lives in the state of California after "inheriting" Memoria and Callis' previous place of residence. She is mainly focused on continuing her education in the field of theatre arts at UCLA and prides herself of the many awards which she has won. Magika is always working in her spare time to improve her spell crafting and spell casting abilities. She was also an integral part of Memoria's rescue.