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Full Name: Lupus Solus

Affiliations: Guild, Shadow, War of Genesis (major player)

Family Members: Caerai, Callis (brothers), Camille, Aranya (sisters), Mother (mortal), Father

Other Contacts: Sierra (Shadow Executive), Kiara (Mortem Gradi), Willow (info to come), Aeger, Juliette, Black Rose, Memoria, Kain, Thurisaz, Snitch, Magika, Othala Kitaina, Saldare, Umbra Vocare,etc.

Traits: A true leader, Lupus is gifted with fighting abilities, languages, and spell crafting. During most of his lifetimes he was also able to
seamlessly shift between his quasi-human form and his Wolf form. He is intelligent, gifted with a sword, and commands respect upon instantaneous appearance.

Physicality: As a human, Lupus stands close to 6'7" and has a wide muscular build. His hair is sandy-brown and his eyes brownish green when calm. At times of intensity, his hair faded to grey and his eyes turned amber. In wolf form, Lupus stands about 4'6" at the shoulders. His coat is dark grey, his fangs razor sharp. Lupus could run at break neck speeds and take down adversaries in a matter of seconds.

Weapon of Choice: In human form, Lupus used two enormous blades. These swords could hardly be lifted by any other individual and were incredibly broad. Lupus also retained SaberTooth as a weapon. In Wolf form, Lupus commonly resorted to using his teeth and claws.


Lupus currently resides in the province of Ontario (Can) along with Memoria. He already holds distinctions in martial arts and is currently training under a new (and unorthodox for him) art. He works to improve his agility and to perfect his skills with the blade. Despite the restrictions in this lifetime, he has already acquired a respectable weaponry and plans to monitor it's constant expansion. Lupus is mainly focused on his training, schooling and re-development of the Shadow. He and Memoria are still happily together and going on a year this life.