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Full Name: Kain

Affiliations: Mercenary, Shadow, Trainer's Guild

Family Members: Unknown

Other Contacts: Callis, Sierra, Lupus, Magika, Kain, Elite, Memoria, Arturo, Snitch, Cordeva, Faust

Traits: Kain is often described as noble, sophisticated, and trusted. He is older than most members of the Shadow, yet is an integral part of it's make-up. He is a quiet individual gifted with the ability to teach and he is also a tatical genius. Kain is responsible for many of the Shadow's victories and has never been one to watch from the sidelines.

Physicality: Kain has subtle physical features and is often mistaken for a mortal; a trait he has never taken for advantage. He is tall and broad shouldered with a large amount of his muscle mass distributed throughout his upper torso. He has a square chin and high forehead. He has neck-length grey hair and is usually seen dressed like a nobleman.

Weapon of Choice: Kain's weapon of choice is the whip, quick, fierce and painful.


Kain used to live in the state of California with Callis (Xander), Memoria (Jennifer) and Magika (Hope). When Callis decided to go a little insane, Kain left the household in search of another place to live. After the fight between the four women and Callis (in which Kain provided battle assistance to the girls) Kain decided to take a hiatus of indetermined length to further his awakening and sharpen his comabt skills. We eagerly await his return.