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The history of the Shadow, has arrived. In pieces. Told by a noble scribe, interpreted by all, for the sake of the world. Do bear with us as it will be continuously updated for your convenience.

There was once an organization known as the Guild. This group of individuals was comprised of the most highly qualified fighters, spell-crafters and healers in existance. All of them were trained by another group known as The Elite. The Guild was very highly regarded and looked on as a very important group. One such person was embraced by the Guild at a very early age. He was prophesised from birth to be a great leader.

Lupus Solus was from the start a gifted fighter. Strong, fast, clever and deadly. He learned faster than anyone ever had before, picking up skills and devising new tactics. The Guild began to owe many of their victories to his superior battle abilities.

One ordinary day, the Guild was visited once again by the profit Montaru. He spoke of Lupus' destiny as leader of a very special organization known as the Shadow. This group would play a large part in the upcoming war and lend much to the shaping of history. A group neither good nor evil, but rather the first to ever integrate the two, and exist in nothingness. The gray area where good and evil were indistinguishable. It was henceforth fated to be.

Unfortunately, the Guild decided to move fate along at their own pace. The executive of the Guild, which at the time included Lupus himself, held a meeting unbeknownst to him. It was then they decided he would be set up and cast out of the Guild to fulfill his destiny much more quickly than time had prepared. Lupus Solus was sent on a mission to asassinate a prominent member affiliated with the Balance Council, and of course, failed. When he finally returned to the Guild they had their manufactured reason in hand, and banished him from the organization.

Cast aside and furious, Lupus fled from his home and took refuge in a large forest, virgin to human existance. He pulled with him such darkness and his executive felt the call. He built his fortress in the mountains in his forest, as we swarmed to him. A scribe, loyal and gifted with words. His brother, a talented healer and noble warrior. A mage, young spell-crafter. A fire elemental with a flair for the dramatic. And lastly a wise diplomat, watchful and strong.

The Balance Council caught wind of what had happened and was outraged. They had been planning to stop the formation of the Shadow, not excel it. Saldare, Protector of the Balance, sent his daughter Sierra out to find and destroy the Shadow's leader. Sierra was exquisitely skilled at the bow, second only to her brother Aeger. She set out at night, determined to make her father proud. She stalked her mark for months, following in his routine, planning her kill. One specific day, Sierra followed Lupus as he went to battle. A far range archer ebhind Lupus fired, while he fought unawares. Sierra flew from her cover and stepped in front of the arrow. Lupus collected her limp body and fled from the fight.

Lupus insisted on keeping Sierra for information on who was trying to kill him. She would give him no answers. Eventually a trust developed, and lastly a strong love. Sierra stayed loyally with Lupus. Her father, Saldare, sent Aeger to search for his sister. Lupus and Aeger became the best of friends and both Sierra and her brother pleged their alliegence to Lupus and the Shadow, renouncing their bond with the Light. When Saldare caught wind of what had happened, he disowned Aeger and Sierra not only as his own children, but also as Children of the Light.

At last all of the executive was together. The strength of the Shadow grew exponentially. New recruits were scouted, tried and trained daily. The Shadow was hired often for missions and marks. They even helped to win the war. This is how the Shadow came to be. And once again, we are reunited.