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Full Name: Callis

Affiliations: Shadow Executive and Mercenary, Holy Light (second in command), War of Genesis

Family Members: Lupus, Caerai, (brothers) Camille, Aranya, (sisters) Mother (mortal), Father

Other Contacts: Memoria, Sierra, Aeger, Kain, Mythlin, Magika, Umbra Vocare, Holy Light, Elite, etc.

Traits: Callis is gifted with a strategic mind, always able to craft a solution to any problem. He is extremely intelligent when it comes to planning and battle tatics. He is opinionated and known for his quick temper. He has a competitive spirit, especially when dealing with his brothers.

Physicality: Callis is very tall and slender, but most of his body mass is made up of muscle. His body figure, although decieving is very strong indeed. He has longer, black hair and brown eyes. Callis stands approximately 6' and is very agile.

Weapon of Choice: Callis' weapon of choice is his black Unholy Sword, passed down to him by the leader of the Holy Light. This sword was a gift given to him as he moved on to work for the Shadow. Callis was a very prominant swordsman, and did not care much for archers.


Callis was responsible for the kidnapping of Memoria approximately two months ago. He then proceeded to rape and beat her as he was using her as bargaining bait. After much tactical planning and several pending attempts at a rescue, Kiara, Sierra and Willow formed a reconnaisance team and sought to retrieve their battered friend. The battle was long and hard fought and the four women were triumphant in defeating Callis. Sierra was killed nobly in battle, and Kiara has just recently returned from her own death. Willow lost a wing in the fight, but was generously given one of Raven's. Memoria has then since healed and there have been no signs of Callis' return to the physical plane.