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Full Name: Arturo

Affiliations: Shadow, Thieve's Guild, Holy Light

Family Members: unknown

Other Contacts: Memoria (Shadow Executive), Kiara (Mortem Gradi), Willow (info to come), Lupus, Snitch, Caliis

Traits: Arturo is often described as silent and deadly. He is passionate and quick witted, but virtually never loses his temper. He is a notorious theif among the wealthy, and has a sophisticated style of deception. He is a valued member of the Shadow and a respected member of the Thievery community.

Physicality: In a human form, Aeger is of average height and build. His hair is sunkissed brown and his eyes are an icy blue. Arturo's most prominant physical feature is the prescence of a large scar between his eyes. He recieved this scar while training with his mentor (Kiara). Arturo never sought to have the scar cured as a constant reminder of the importance of being stealthy. In his animality, Arturo was a sly ferret.

Weapon of Choice: Arturo is known for his ability with daggers. He was trained (as aforementioned) by Kiara who saw to perfecting his skills. He is always wearing his two daggers (Faith and Hope); one at his hip, and one by his ankle.


Arturo used to reside in the province of Ontario (Canada) near Lupus and Memoria. Unfortunately, he was incompatible with his mortal host, and along with the news of Sierra's death, was too devastated to remain in the body. Arturo left shortly after his love's tragedy and has sought another host to live out the rest of this self-proclaimed meaningless life. We wish him all the best in the next life and offer our support and condolences in his loss of Sierra.