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Full Name: Aeger

Affiliations: Child of the Light, Shadow, War of Genesis (major player)

Family Members: Sierra (sister), Saldare (father), Mother (Sylvan)

Other Contacts: Memoria (Shadow Executive), Kiara (Mortem Gradi), Willow (info to come), Lupus, Juliette, Black Rose, Kain, Thurisaz, Snitch, Magika, Othala Kitaina, Umbra Vocare,etc.

Traits: Arguably the best archer in existance, Aeger is the epitemy of calmness. He is quiet and reserved, but never hesitates when a loved one needs his help. He is a loyal and true friend, the closest of Lupus Solus. A respected member of the Shadow, beloved brother, and dear friend, Aeger is of a rare breed.

Physicality: As a human, Aeger is very tall and slender. His hair is a dirty blond, and eyes are steel grey. Aeger's most prominent feature are his Sylvan ears, which were usually hidden by his hair. Most of his likeness was acquired from his mother, and thus has a very Elvish quality to him. His upper left ear was peirced by his sister as an act of rebellion when he was young. In his animality, Aeger was a massive phoenix, forever firey.

Weapon of Choice: Aeger always used his bow. No exceptions to the rule. He trained his sister, Sierra as well. His bow, made entirely by a foreign material, which he would tell no one about, seemed to respond to his very will.


We were contacted here at the Shadow by an individual with the name Aeger. He was curious to know if he could in fact be the Aeger we were in search of. He had many similiar traits and a very similiar personality. However, after a few conversations, the staff at the Shadow lost contact with the individual and have been awaiting further converstaion. Unfortunately, none has come of late. Feel free to read his postings on the message board.