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Scorpion27's Page

Welcome to Scorpion27's Page. Be sure to sign the guest book before you leave.

This is a page in the making. I just started it today, September 25. Expect to see lots of stuff about explosives, fire, and all that cool stuff. Check back in about a month to see a (mostly) done site.

Okay, so i lied. Today is the 21st of december and i still have done squat to the page. Today, this all changes. For some odd reason, i am on a "stick death" tagent. I have started making stick death animations for the hell of it. So, i am make a part of my site dedicated to this. No explosives or bombs yet, patients. Also, another reason it is taking me so long is that i am doing this entire site from pure code. No editors.

Holy crap, it didnt take me two months to update! Yes, i am gonna try to keep on the ball with this one. I have add three new stick deaths today, one of them being my sister's (i am so proud). I hope you enjoy them. Expect to see a lot more of those in the future.

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