Site History

Site Founder: Joe Haley
Founded: January 5th 2002
Vershon: 1.6
Host: Angelfire
Former Hosts: None

January To February

Well, I always wanted a site. I first made a site named Zelda Haven. I found Dragon Ball gifs, on a site named kissdbz, so i decided to put Dragon Ball gifs on my site. Zelda Haven Closed 1999. After my fist site, i decided to wait to make a second. 1 month later, i made a new site, dragon ball arcives. that site died soon. I bult a new site, cyber dragon ball z. That site also died soon, so i bult yet annother, Saiyan Planet. And, Well, the first layout sucked, except the colors, so, i made a new layout, vershon 1.5.

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