:::New Staffer!::: -02/16/02-Android21dbu
hello! i'm da new staffer! sup ya'll? anywayz, i added a couple of links to the right ---->
and i'm planning to add a LOT with the site, including gifs, images, fonts, info, etc. so expect a lot of updates from me!

:::Back::: -02/09/02-Cybra 82
I am back from a long deserved rest from my site, lots is going up as i type. i still need staff, and i may get a .com, well, a .net.

:::Medea Coming::: -02/09/02-Cybra 82
Well, allot of media is coming, the gif site is coming up, as well as the video site. I am starting to upload images, and i may upgrad to angelfire pluse.

:::Amazon::: -02/01/02-Cybra 82
A sponsor has amerged, Amazon, also, i am no longer adding gifs to this site, I am making a seperate site. I am also makiong a db Video site. lots more coming

:::New Layout::: -01/29/02-Cybra 82
A New Layout Is Here, The Old One Dident Work. Well, Making The New Layout Took All My Time, Allot More Is Coming Up, This Time, I Can Get It Done Now.

:::Grand Opening::: -01/10/02-Cybra 82
Finaly After Days And Days, I Have This Site Alive! Well About Nothing s Up, But ALLOT More Will Come In The Next 5 Days or So.
I Also Need Staff, So Mail Me By Presing The Mail Icon Above.

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