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- Sauron, The Dark Lord and the creator of the One Ring and most feared being of the free peoples of Middle-earth.

- Sauron originally was of the Maia and one of Aulė's people(A Valar), Sauron was corrupted by Morgoth (the most powerful of the Valar) and he soon became his lieutenant. After the expulsion of the first Dark Lord, Morgoth, Sauron rose and he became the greatest enemy of the free peoples of Middle-Earth.

- Sauron was the of the strongest of the Maiar, early on he served Aulė the Smith(as was mentioned before). From him he learned much of forging and making, knowledge that he would make use to build the Barad-dūr and forge the One Ring.

- While Morgoth was held prisoner in Aman, Angband was restored for the return of Morgoth. After the "Darkening of Valinor", Morgoth returned agian to Middle-earth, and returned to Angband. Soon after, he went to the east to look for Men, and left Sauron in command of his forces.

- The Ainur have the ability to change their shape, but none had as many different shapes as Sauron. During the First Age, He took a form of a dark sorceror, commanding a host of evil things, and werewolves. He changed his form many times, during his fight with Huan, he took shapes of:

- "Wolf-Sauron" This was the wolf-shape he chose when he went to battle with Huan.

- Then he changed his form to a serpent to escape.

- After Huan released him, he took form of a vampire, and fled, 'dripping blood from his throat upon the trees'.


Sauron forging the ring.

Sauron grabing towards Elendil.

Profile of Sauron.

The lidless feiry Eye of Sauron.

The lidless eye in Barad-dur.

Painting of Barad-Dur

Old painting of the great eye.

Sauron in the battle of his defeat.

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