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Land of ShadowClick here for a site with tons of cool info on LotR its a bit more on the 'dark side' but it's pretty damned cool and also has greatly done flash movies. Tolkien TownBasically a big online Tolkien store, buy all sorts of stuff including the One Ring. Ringbearer.orgMy favorite LotR site, because it's my favorite messageboard, they have other stuff as well. The One Ring.netEveryone knows this site and how great it is. Offical Movie SiteMust I even tell you?

The Two TowersGuess what? Another LotR site, plain and simple. LotR Video GamesThis site has some stuff on some LotR game I've not heard of. LotR siteJust another site about LotR, not nearly as good as mine, though. Sauron's Dark TowerAnother site devoted to the darker side of LotR and it has some other useful stuff that doesn't have anything to do with LotR.

A History of NúmenorSite about Númenor and it's lineage after it's fall. The Tolkien TimelineTimeline of Tolkien's life. The Barrow DownsFun LotR complete with info and quizzes, great to pass some time. LotR Fan ClubOfficial fan club of LotR.

LotR gamesSierra's LotR video games. Tolkien WorldWell this page has the best and worst LotR pages around. Plus it covers all the links that I don't have. Vote for me. Tolkien OnlineThis site is a lot like The Lord of the Rings UKThe unofficial home of The Lord of the Rings.

Ardalambion: The Tounges of ArdaIn depth on every one of Tolkien's languages from Middle-Earth. My PreciousNicly done flash site, if you don't have flash get it, this site makes it partially worth it. Nice name too. There and Back AgainTurns out there is an even better flash site out. It's currently down (3-28-04) Ring QuestA unofficial Tolkien fan site...not a rare sight.

Lord o t RingsIt's like Barrow Downs, but with a shop and slightly different content. ElendorMiddle-Earth RPG site. John Howe.comJohn Howe's site (great ME artist umong other things) The Encyclopedia of ArdaEncyclopedia of ME, need I say more? Keeper of the RingWell, they sorta copied off of me and it's not too good, but my friend did make it