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Welcome to my page of links. All these links are to sites that I have come across during my ventures on the net. They are all worth checking out! There will be more added soon so keep checking back!

This is a hilariously funny site! Kevin will keep you laughing for hours! Not for ages under 18... Joe Cartoon Rules! Haven't got a banner for him yet but you should really check this site out. Not for ages under 18...
Elfwood Fantasy Art and Literature. This site is like a home away from home. It's pages are full of inspiring artwork and stories. I STRONGLY urge you to visit this site. OFTEN.
Delight's Fantasy Art is another great art site. You can purchase Prints of very beautiful and extremely creative fantasy artwork.
Rilrae banner MUST SEE art site! If you like fantasy art and Anime then you'll be wanting to visit the Dragoness' Lair. She is an AMAZING artist.
I have no words.... Lisolette Eriksson will take your breath away when you view her site...
Beautiful Art. Faeries and Fantasy.