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Welcome to Rose's World! Hi, I'm Rose. Now I bet you are wondering just who Rose Michaels exactly is? Well, aside from being the complex gemini that I am, complete with the split personality, I am also an author. More specifically, I write romance novels. Although recently I've started a fantasy based book. Complete with the dragons, elves, fairies, and unicorns. Although the way it's headed, it looks like it'll be a romance after all! ^_^ Since you've been kind enough to visit my world, it is only right that I give you a personal tour. There are a few ways to get around this site. One is by way of the buttons located below. Or, you can continue to read on, and click on the links for each section that I will outline. The choice, of course, is yours. Probably the best place to start on the World Tour would have to be the Journal section. The page pretty much explains what makes Rose tick. My thoughts, my dreams, my quirks, what started me on the path to writing, ect. The Rose in all her colorful glory! Now we move onto the good stories. Conviently divided into Completed and Uncompleted works. Oh! And while you are here, why not make a pit-stop in my Guestbook? And now we come to the end of the tour. Try visiting some of these other great sites on the web via the Links page. Thanks for visiting and come again!


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