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Welcome to ~*~Red Rainbow Sparkles~*~ This site is designed for Teens who loves all thingz -

*Fantasy~ Art, Books and others!

*Manga~ Sailor Moon,Card Captors and others!

*Sci-Fi~ Books,Art and Films!

*Magickal~ Witchcraft,spells,rituals,Paganism,Wicca and more!

*Mystical~ Divination,Crystals and others!

*KUTE!lol~ Hello Kitty,adoptions and Kute Gallery!

    **NEW-PROJECT SHINE-TASTIC,adopt a Shine-Sprite today!

*Musik~ My kind~ Rock!(sorry if you don't like rock!)

*Films~ Old and New, Reviews and other!

*Downloads~ Things to download for each section (eg~ Sailor Moon Screensaver etc)

*My Diary~ I think you have to be a member of the Student Center to view this~ Sorry (it is worth joining though)

*Kewl Linkage~ The Kewlest Sites around(catergorised) 

*Cliques and Organisations i am part of.

                 ~Basically when finished this site will contain a definitive collection of the thingz i just mentioned.

                 ~Please be patient though, I do go to college and have a lot of work to do sometimes so this site might take awhile to get on its feet!

                 ~If you have any contributions or questions then please e-mail me and tell me them!Thanks and please keep on coming back to see how thingz are going!~Charli~ 

♥~*~ReD rAiNbOw SpArKlEs 2002©~*~♥