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Lord Raven
Father and Lord of Raven's Blood

Raven's blood is a blood line older then time no one acctually knows how or why it came into existance...but Lord Raven himself. As The dawn of time rolled around there was a entity sitting and waiting for His so called birth ~grins~ he was born to one known as Cane, as far as Kane knew he had a powerful boy on His hands, He somehow knew there was more to it then that..for that blood in the boys viens was 100 times morepowerful then His own...He knew the boy was imortal already and maybe even time progressed the boy came to the Father and said Kane why don't you just ask Me what you wish to know? what is that said Cane, what I am and how you can use me. I never dreamed such a thing, don't lie, I will tell You but You will drawl me a two pint pitcher of your blood and I will start to tell You who I am.

My name is Raven, Lord Raven. I am a powerful being of life and death much like you but stronger 100 fold, I have control over the black and blue flames of life. I am Powerful Incarnate, I can never die for I am of Time and Space, I can feed off of Your hopes, dreams, passions, fears, and all over emotions that you may have, as well as blood. I am physically stronger 100 times then any being known and faster as well, and hence forth there isn't much may harm one that I make my own (bring across) anything that would kill a normal vampire may give one of my childer a rash depending on the what you are telling me then Raven is that You and Yours can't die?...No I can't die and there are very few ways that may kill my childer can die...if you behead them one of my childer may die, but lets say holy water crosses and silver and sunlight all the stuff that which may kill You it won't harm me at all and most of my children will barely get a rash...I offer you the chance to let Me take the COD from You ans lead it or i will wait till a time is right and take it and make it florish...well I think you will have todo the last ..I smiled and said very well as I drank the blood he poured into the pitcher from His own viens you are part of Me now Cane and so shall Your childer be in time.

500 years went by as I laid waste in to a clan waiting for the COD to be in need of my help and the day came they were in turnmoil Cane long since dead and the new leaders primative Art and Snowtigress needing help to survive, I appeared to them one night out of the blue and offered to save them, and the clan but it called for a re-embracing I left it up to them, and they choose yes so that is how today became outof the yesterday and the COD is growing to a powreful house

....::::Written by Lord Raven::::....

Raven's Bood aka COD Powers

Raven's Bood Family Tree