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Angel & Buffy Crossovers


Crossover 1

Missing Buffy, Angel calls her from LA, however on hearing her voice he hangs up knowing he's going to have to live without her.
Buffy Episode: The Freshmen  Angel Episode: City of

Crossover 2

Spike obtains a ring which makes any vampire who wares it invulnerable. Buffy manages to steal the ring from Spike, and instead of destroying it, gives it to Oz to take up to Angel in LA. On arrival in LA, Oz greats the gang and delivers the ring - but Spike follows. Angel hides the ring before Spike captures him. In the end Oz saves the day freeing Angel. Spike gets fed up so goes back to Sunnydale. Oz drives off, and Angel destroys the ring
Buffy Episode: The Harsh Light of Day  Angel Episode: In the Dark

Crossover 3

Buffy Episode: Pangs Angel Episode: I Will Remember You
Angel goes to Sunnydale after finding out that Buffy's life is in danger. In order to keep things low profile he makes sure Buffy doesn't see him during his stay. Once she finds out that Angel was watching her (from her friends), she rushes to LA. Many strange events happen and Angel turns back to a human. Buffy and Angel share some time together, but in the end he decides he wants to be made a vampire again as he can help more people that way. They agree to keep their distance from one another, and Buffy returns home.
Buffy Episode: Pangs Angel Episode: I Will Remember You

Crossover 4

Faith awakes from her comma in Sunnydale and takes revenge on Buffy. The watchers council also pitches up causing problems. In the end the table turns and Faith is on the run. She ends up fleeing to LA where she is hired by Wolfram & Heart to kill Angel.
Buffy Episode: Who Are You? Angel Episode: Five by Five

Crossover 5

Angel deals with the situation and manages to turn Faith back to being good. Buffy turns up in LA and can't believe what Angel is doing for Faith after the terrible things she does. The council appears in LA, trying to capture Faith, so Angel and Buffy  work together to stop them. In the end Faith volunteers to go to prison because of all the wrong she has done, and Buffy and Angel have another fight. Angel tells Buffy to get out of his city, so Buffy leaves. Angel ends up chasing her back  to Sunnydale where he starts pounding on Riley. In the end Buffy and Angel make up, and Angel leaves on good terms.
Buffy Episode: The Yoko Factor Angel Episode: Sanctuary

Crossover 6

Drusilla and Spike Buffy confronts Spike about how he killed past Slayers. This opens up Spikes past and his connection with Angel. In LA Angel confronts Darla, and his past and his connections with Spike are revealed.
Buffy Episode: Fool for Love Angel Episode: Darla

Crossover 7

In LA Darla and Drusilla team up against Angel and take control of Wolfram & Heart, however failure to get Angel back in their gang like old times, Drusilla travels by train to Sunnydale to  try to win Spike back after he has become attached to Buffy. This fails and Drusilla runs away realising that Spike can no longer be helped.
Buffy Episode: Crush Angel Episode: Redefinition

Crossover 8

  After the tragic death of Joyce, Angel makes a quick trip to Sunnydale to comfort Buffy through the hard time. They talk through the night and kiss, however the sun starts to rise, so Angel takes off back to LA.
Buffy Episode: Forever Angel Episodes: none!

Crossover 9

In season three, Buffy runs away from home to LA. Their she meets someone called Anne who she has seen before. Buffy leaves Anne with a better outlook on life. Years later Angel bumps into Anne who is still in LA. Anne has set up her own shelter in LA.
Buffy Episodes: Anne, Lie to Me Angel Episodes: Blood Money, The Thin Dead Line

Crossover 10

Harmony gets fed up with Spike's love for Buffy in Sunnydale, therefore makes a break for LA. Weeks later Harmony turns up on Angels doorstep and Cordilia lets her join the team. After talking to Willow in Sunnydale, Cordilia finds out that Harmony is a vampire. Harmony betrays the gang, and she flees when she is threatened with death. Harmony flees to Mexico where she starts up her own cult (this scene was cut from the aired version of the episode Disharmony).
Buffy Episode: Crush Angel Episode: Disharmony

Crossover 11

In Sunnydale, Buffy kills herself in order to save 'her' sisters life. Willow turns up in LA at Angels hotel in order to tell the bad news to Angel. Angel then flees on retreat for 4 months to a place of worship.
Buffy Episode: The Gift Angel Episodes: There's no Place Like Plrtz Glrb, HeartThrob

Crossover 12

  After Buffy is brought back from the dead by Willow and her friends, she decides to meet up with Angel. They agree on a spot half way between LA and Sunnydale and after talking decide that it is time for both of them to get on with there own lives.
Buffy Episode: Flooded Angel Episodes: Carpe Noctem, Fredless

Thematic Crossovers
For nearly three years, Joss Whedon and his team at Mutant Enemy have told two separate, but linked, stories in Buffy and Angel. This is unfortunate, since, in my opinion, the best seasons in Buffy the Vampire Slayer were when Angel was a member of the cast. With only a handful of 'crossover' episodes--many of which remained essentially self-contained and had little effect on the seasonal story arcs, it has clearly been established that the two shows are separate, self-contained entities.
angel and buffy
I Will Remember You