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Strange And Weird Paranormal Experiences

** This experience happened on 10-11-2002(A Description of the Washington Dc Sniper)

I see images sometimes of things that i would encounter later and on Octobre the eleventh i was watching the news about the maryland sniper then all of a sudden i see a very vivid image of a person in my mind , and this is a description of what i saw :
A tall man , 6 feet tall , white man , 38 or 39 years old , a bit husky well built , 240..260 pounds , in casual cloth(light colored blue jeans), a loner and he's a very quiet person , doesn't talk usually unless you talk to him , he has moustaches , that go down a bit , pointed , and a bit bold a bold spot on top of his head , egg shaped face , his hair is a bit smooth and go down , not much hair , and it doesn't seem he has motives to kill . I also saw him in a old truck , dark blue or dark gray , i didn't see the whole truck just part of were the driver sit . Then later while talking on a paranormal message board(citichic)I saw also that he shoot from inside his vehicule , like he has a window in the roof and when he wants to shoot he just stick his head out point then shoot .
Then on october 23 rd 2002 , hours before they started talking about the tacoma house which led to their arrest later ,i was in the kitchen the tv was turned off and out of nowhere i heard a thought which came from a person that sounded happy and said " he's gonna be caught ", this was said with a happy voice tone . Few hours later in the morning of october the 24 th the sniper and his partner(a young boy) were caught sleeping in their car . The car they were in was a dark gray chevrolet caprice.And in the trunk there was a small hole where one can shoot from. This way no one can see who is shooting and by shooting from within the trunk the trunk became a silencer and the sound was muffled out.

This may sounds way off of the actual look of the sniper...but don't forget this is based on how one sees a if someone showed you a photo of someone can you tell exactely how tall or old this person is ? you can''ld give a idea that's the best thing one can do. Also parts of the image from my previous experiences are methaphor , meaning it depicts other meaning and that's according to the way a person sees things and understand the world .
*To me if someone has extra weight to me this means that he's a selfish person , the more weight he has the more selfish he is .
*White skin is intelligence me...the whiter the person is the more intelligent he is .
*Moustache or long hair to me means unpleasant personality , the person is usually a hypocrite and a liar .

Now this is the news description yesterday octobre the 24 th....the guy that was in command was 41 years old...6.1 feet in martial arts which means he's in perfect health that's what they said on the news ....and he weighted 180 pounds . He has a dark blue chevy caprice with holes in the trunck where one can shoot from no need to go outside the car .

I didn't know what to do back then so i posted what i saw in my mind up on this BBoard and i'm Under ParaInvestigator:

CitiChic BBoard1

Then later i came by accident across the Montgomery Police Depatment email and sent them a email describing what i saw .


** This experience happened few years ago :

This was in a foreign country not in canada , One day i was sitting down working on on my laptop then out of nowhere i heard a voice a whisper but felt more like a thought then a actual voice , a thought that wasn't mine . And this thought said " ...Unplug your computer from the wall "....(the thought sounded coming from a male, a male voice) laptop had a adapter plugged in the wall....i didn't listen to this voice , few seconds later i started smelling a weird smell like something was burning . Then all of a sudden the bulb of the ceiling that was lit blew up , the filament inside gave up a burst of light before melting down . That gave me the idea to run quickly unplug my computer from the wall because i didn't know what was going on .

I realised later to my surprised that what has happened was that electricity jumped up several hundred volts for a few seconds which was enough to blew up the bulb in the ceiling and my laptop power adapter . So i thought big deal it's just a adapter...i'll go buy another one , but that adapter was discontinued ,i tried fixing it but couldn't because some parts inside have blown up to pieces and you can't see what's written on them . I spend alot of time looking around in shops to find a replacement for the adapter and couldn't find one , to that day i haven't found one .... I wished i listened to that voice , i would've avoided all that .


** This happened back in 1997 or 1998 :

One day just when i finished packing what i just bought at the grocer a thought came to me , a thought that wasn't mine similer to the one i have mentioned above , but this time the one who send it was a old person , a male around 60--65 years old , and he said " a loterie ticket to ..this person(someone in my family )"...then he left...facing me on the other side is a depanneur's like seven -eleven in the the way this spirit has talked he meanted that i buy the loterie ticket from that place ...the one in front of i did . I went and chose one , i thought of buying another but i wasn't confortable in doing so i left with only one . Then i headed to that person that this spirit mentioned and i gave him the loterie then i left home .

Some time has passed , then the phone rang , it was that same person that i gave the loterie ticket to ! he couldn't beleive , he was very happy....because he won !...The loterie ticket that i bought has a winning number , not alot of money but enough to make this person happy . I was thrilled to know that he has won !... because he has a health problem and this came in time to up lift his spirit and make him feel better...even for a little while .


**This happened while i was chatting with a lady from the states if i remember correctely :

One day during a online chat(i think on icq)with a woman , after talking a bit she then sent me a picture and in it there was a guy standing next to her . So when i saw it i told her instantly's like there is death around this guy ...i kept on saying that because i couldn't tell that i saw him killing somone.(which what i saw ) i continued saying that ....then i managed to say it...then she responded ..he was acquited....he witnessed his wife being murdered...and he was acquited !....but i kept seing that it's not that...that he did kill someone...maybe not his wife..but he did kill someone little by little she started to get away saying that SHE told me that..she kept getting away because she used to be in love with this guy..and she didn't like me a complete stranger tell her these things about him......anyways she kept on getting away....another thing i didn't like her energies at all in that picture with that guy....because there was devilish energies from her...but i didn't say nothing..i kept on chatting..then she later told me she was a magic witch.....which now explained to me why i was seeing what i was seeing ,these devilish energies about her...then little by little she starting calling me names...then the conversation was over .


**This happened around 2 years ago and i was in england , Uk :

One night on my way back to my hotel i saw in front of me someone dear in terrible pain , it was like watching a television screen , not as clear but visible enough , with the difference that you can feel people's emotions at the same time while watching .This person was actually screaming in pain and it had to do with his back . The intensity of his pain didn't last long then i saw people around him . I ran quickly to the nearest phone booth and tried to call him(this person lives quiet far , in another country) several times with no success . So i started sending healing energies to ease his pain , because this works sometimes and that's the only thing i could do anyways . Then a little bit later i felt him calming down which was great ,so i continued my way back to the hotel and forgot about all this . By the way i was on my way to visit this person few days later and i didn't think at all of what i experienced since it wasn't my first time , just a perception that i had and forgot about it .

Until i arrived there few days later , although i saw the person and this didn't bring my experience in england up to my consciousness .Then i was told what has happened , i was shoked ! because it was at the same time when i saw this person in pain ! What happened was that he was in his car driving and a bus came and smashed into his car from the back . The driver of the bus made a mistake and hit the gas to brake instead of the brake to brake . So he hit the car in front which were the person was , in the car in front of the bus . He had his seat belt on luckaly but the hit was so sudden and strong that his back got a kick so to speak from the energy transferred by that hit . And he screamed alot from pain , he was paralyzed for a few moments and couldn't move , but then little by little he started to feel better and the ordeal was over .


The following is one of the many incidents that i'd like to share with you :

One time i was with some friends and we were waiting for others to come join us . So few minutes later a lady arrived who was a friend of the people that i was with but i personally didn't know her and the moment i looked at her i saw something else . I saw modeling things to do with modeling and cloth , it was difficult to put in words what is it that i saw , all i can say was modeling and cloth . I didn't say nothing at first , i just kept seeing these things while looking at her . Then i said something , i asked her if she wants to be a model or if she is a model , i arrived little by little in telling her what i saw exactly . She denied it she said no , she just kept saying no no no . So i let go of my questions . Around a week later i saw her again and again i started questioning her , her no was the same then all of a sudden she said she loves to put cloth together fit cloth with other cloth . I wasn't surprised by what she said i was happy because of what she said this went with what i saw because i had problems putting in words what i saw and now she just did that . Then i said maybe you should be in this business of cloth since you love that , she didn't say much to that just gave me few smiles and few looks . Now around a year later i bumped into her by accident and i asked how she's been and things like that , then i asked how is work and she replied with a sparkling look " I'm working in a boutique ".

The Uninvited visitor

one day in the month of march 2004 early in the morning i woke up it was around 6.30 or 7 am but stayed on my bed .My bed sheets weren't covering me i was lying on top of them , my usual way of sleeping .
Few minutes later while laying there on one of my side (my back is toward the wall)i felt somebody coming and sitting behind me close to my feets . Like i could feel his weight being laid on the bed and i could also feel the bed curving downward because of his weight . I thought at first that must be my mother because she was the only person at home that day wanting or needed something from me so i straighened up to face her and see what she wants but there was nobdy there . Her bed by the way is visible from my bed . I turned and took a glimpse at her bed and i was surprised to see her still sleeping in it and very very much asleep so there was no way it was her who just sat on my bed . I returned to my position on my bed trying to understand what has just happened then all of a sudden the curvature of the bed straighened up slowely as whoever was on it now is standing up then something strange happened that presence went right through me passed through half of my body out then head straight away from me .
p.s: This isn't the case of a ghost since i've never felt anything in the house its a neutral house beside that the appartment/building is brand new and we are the first to live in it .