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Hello and Welcome to my site!(Created on the 28th of September 2002)
The site is basically about my experiences as a sensitive in haunted buildings and the things that i've learned over the years about this phenomenon.Sensitive in the paranormal world is a person with a hightened sensitivities to the world around.Hightened Not to what is physical but to what is non-physical which are energies.Energies might be a generalistic word but it's the closest thing one can get with ordinary language to describe that what is picked up by a sensitive.Energies and different kind of energies and intensities are the main perceptions of a sensitive.And no two sensitive are alike just like no two people are alike each one's sensitivity is different in that one can pick up things another can't.It's mainly the degree of sensitivity that is different here.And what is commonly picked up are the energies from a haunted house the location of that spirit in the house it's gender age and depending on the degree of sensitivity other personal informations on the haunting soul might be picked up as well.Some can feel the electric field of electricity and the fields from different metals like gold silver or iron for example.So if you show them for instance a bracelet made up of copper but gold plated and you tell them this is a pure gold bracelet they won't fall for that because they are able to pick up the different energies of the hidden metal right underneath the gold plate. There is basically no limitations to what can be picked up because everything give off something and its all a matter of the degree in sensitivity whether one can or can not sense.Some sensitive are also clairsentient(able to pick up peoples emotions or those of a spirit)or Clairaudient(able to hear the voice of a spirit in a haunted house or of ones spirit guides)and others are also Clairvoyant which is the ability to see events happening somewhere else to someone usually they know of or care about.
Basically we are all born with a degree of sensitivity and depending on how we go in life how we live our lives this degree gets increased or decreased.Who hasn't experienced the guidance of a voice coming out of nowhere and telling us to avoid going somewhere or do something?Then discover later that we were wrong for not listening to it and wished we did.Many people have had similar experiences and chose to talk about them which ended being heard of later on in the news or in a documentary.And others chose not to because they would look foolish if they did and so they threw this rare divine guiding experience behind them and forgot all about it .
When we are still childrens our soul is still pretty much pure and our physical self which is created with time by going through live's experiences hasn't been built yet.The soul is still very much rooted in it's world.And because of that it can still see parts of its world and those who inhabit it while living in this plane . One shouldn't be surprised if a child said he has a friend a friend that we can't see but he can.And it's better to be fascinated and curious to know who is that friend and maybe learn something from him then to get furious and angry and teach the child that there is no one there that his friend does not exist and he shouldn't be talking to him.Because this will hurt his soul this would be like pulling a plant from the ground thinking that it is dead and ending its life without knowing that this plant is still alive and it's only going through phases in its evolution which appears to us as if it's dead but it isn't.Just because we don't understand something it doesn't mean we understand it.We should let nature with all it's wisdom take care of that and not apply our limited perception of reality and be the controller the judge of what is good and what isn't .
To many people death is the end we are made from this world and when we die we go back to it and the spirit or the soul go back to it's world but where it goes no body knows. To others with death everything goes back to the soil and nothing stays behind and keep on living except the memory of the departed one people's memories of his life . But that idea drop on the floor and roll away when one encounters phenomenons that shows him the opposite that there is something that keeps on living something that the laws of nature can not control and has no influances on and that is the soul.The essence of the person his whole self the same person that you new keeps on living.And what has died is only the physical what is made from this world the tool that the soul used to interact with it's sourroundings and express itself and nothing more . This is where the haunting phenomena can step in and shed some light on what in some cases goes on right after leaving this plane . But this does not mean that everyone becomes a haunting soul,a ghost,after the physical death some do and others don't simply because they didn't think the same way about life and they didn't live their lives the same way.And that's what sometimes is the cause of a haunting our ways of thinking and our ways of seeing and living life .

We should not forget that life is a learning place our school of evolution all experiences whether bad or good have a purpose which is to move us forward . We may not understand sometimes things that happens to us things that we go through in life but their effects are only to lift us spiritually . Experiences and thoughts processes are parts of peoples daily lives and just as there is gain from all that there is also some nuissance so to speak effects from all that which tend to sometimes chain the soul to this world .
Some of the common causes for a soul to stay here and haunt a place is attachment to physical objects.Loving or adoring something that belongs to this plane of existance creates chains to this world. Another is unfinished business.For instance someone was working on a very important project in his life and through a accident he left this world suddenly without finishing what he was working on.This sudden departure is so fast sometimes that ordinary consciousness can not perceive it.This explain clearly the symbol of death where a reaper is usually shown as a skeleton holding a sickle.This is a very sharp tool used by farmers to cut plants to separate the grains which are the souls metaphorically from the plants from the physical world.This sudden deaths is one of the main causes of a haunting.And once one is there time that he knows stops working.There's no continuations of event.No dawn or dusk like we have here.For example if in this world we have no sun no light no dawn or dusk we can never tell the time unless we look at a watch.And if there was no watch we'll be literally lost.The same can be said for those who become ghosts the last instance that they remember in the physical plane would be the same and stay the same instance for tomorrow for next month for next year decade and so on.Time would cease to exist and they are left with only their memories and emotions which make up now their outer world.

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