Area 51: Site 4 Review
Area 51: Site 4

Area 51 was one of my first Arcade Shooters I ever played. Very challenging, very fast paced and very gory. However, Area 51:Site 4 dosent really live up to its early much more popular predecessor. Lets take a look.

Graphics 8/10: Well the graphics are practicly the same as Area 51 but I thought they were a bit sharper. Anyways, lots of gore, lots of scary looking alien creatures, but thats about it. But hey, I never find games worth the time to beat if its extremely short because of the graphics taking up a huge chunk of size.... right? Well I was wrong.

Gameplay 7/10: Same thing as Area 51, shoot aliens, save the earth from eternal doom, aliens torture humans with 7 hour marathon of Tony Danza, you get the point? Well its the exact same thing as Area 51 except, its has a TON more mini-games to play. But when you play the game itself, its very short. Thats the bad thing, I was expecting a pretty long arcade shooter like its earlier component but nooo, we have to make it about 15 minutes long(and thats just taking your own sweet ass time). Frankly, they could have tooken out some of the mini-games and added more to the actual game itself. When I first saw this coming out, I jumped to joy because I loved the first Area 51, frankly when I played this I was very dissapointed. The mini-games however are pretty fun, I liked the one where the baby-aliens try to infect the injured people while you are trying to shoot baby-aliens so they dont get infected. Anyways, lets move on.

Control 10/10: Awesome responses, but then again you just pull a trigger.

Music 4/10: Almost the same music from Area 51 except tweaked a little, add some new tunes, have Mariah Carrey torture you with her horrible singing (by the way,the Marriah Carrey thing was just a joke, lol). Anyways, its nothing new, you can tell they at least tried to add in a spooky atmosphere to it but that dosent work out when the game is about 5 minutes long.

Secrets 1/10: I did not find any secrets what so ever. If I did then there would be a cheat section to this wouldnt there? But no easter-eggs, no scantaly clad women rushing to your ever so bright glory of power by showing you kill aliens with a simple .45 automatic, and absolutely no Kronn Hunter mode!! (god I loved Kronn Hunter mode in the first one!!).

Replayability 3/10: This is one of those games you beat, and then never play again unless you have some extra tokens and you cant find anything to play. Other than that, beat it with an ugly light gun, leave it alone and see it melt down due to no use is such a long time.

Story 2/10: The most cliche' story as always, aliens invade earth, you fight them, you save the day, women run to your side and pose for Time and Life Magazine with you, you turn into a dead beat, etc etc. Anyways, that sums up most of the story.

Well it was a good game but they should have put more planning into this one, they could have made it longer thats for sure, probably about Time Crisis 2 length but I geuss they had to cut it short due the amount of mini-games.

Okay, thats the end of my review, I hope this helps you desicion to wether you want to fork over 1500 bucks to buy the arcade machine itself or have it eat away your quarters/tokens. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or post at the boards. Happy Gamin!

Score: 5/10