Shogo Review
Shogo Review

I was at a store looking for a good (and cheap, lol) game that will occupy me for the weekend. Well I got a 2 for one deal and it was only 10 dollars and it came along with the game Septerra Core all for 10 dollars! Well I jumped at the chance and bought it right away. And frankly I am NOT dissapointed. On with the review!

Graphics 8/10: Pretty good graphics but they could have done a bit better. I dont know why but the game screen was very very very dark almost to the point of unplayable (if anyone knows how to fix this, PLEASE email me how!), but that didnt stop me from playing the game. Even though it made the difficulty shoot up higher than it should have I still had a good time. Sometimes they can be a bit blocky though and that detracts from the anime feel it should have, what detracts from it are the in-game people's heads, its really messed up, lol. But its still pretty good none the less.

Story 7/10: I didnt really pay attention to the story but the reason why the score is so high is because it has better story line than almost all FPS's but its still shadowed by Red Faction, Deus Ex, etc. Anyways, to sum it all into one word you fight terrorists to rid the world of evil. IT can get old but then again FPS games arent known for their story lines, lol. But its still not that bad.

Difficulty 8/10: This game can be a toughy! Personally its best if you get a joystick for this game, because its kinda hard to play the game with a keyboard. Also on Hard its extremely hard (to me it was, I'm not used to playing FPS's that much so bear with me). But I always think that challenge adds to the gameplay and I love it!

Gameplay 5/10: Same ol' shooter up game. Nothing really new to the FPS scene except you get to ride a Mech now! Which is pretty cool but its almost the same as fighting when on foot. I also saw that there was a multiplayer option which seems pretty cool but I havent even used it yet so I cant really give an opinion about it, but with the way my computer screen is acting I dont think it would be that fun since everything is extremely dark.

Music 6/10: Basic music for a shooter also. Kinda keeps the shooting mood but other than that its not that big, well then again they wouldnt wanna spend so much time on a great music score that they completely forget the game, lol. But I suggest you turn the music off and play your favorite CD instead.

Replayability 5/10: I dont know if I'd play this again though. I havent beaten it yet since I just got it but if I just wanted to kill some time then yeah I'd play it again.

Well I cant really do the Buy or Rent section so I'm just going to stop right now. If you find this game for 20 bucks or cheaper go ahead and pick it up and give it a whirl, you wont be dissapointed! Anyways thats the end of my review, if you have any questions feel free to email me or visit the message board here. Happy Gamin'!

Final Score: 9/10