Shadowrun Review
Shadowrun Review

This game has one word to describe it: FUN! Now I'm not that firmiliar with the ShadowRun Pen-n-Paper RPG but this game really gets you into it. Now the story isnt too big, nothing worth remembering but the challenge and fun in this game are extremely high (like piss your pants kind of high). Anyways lets get this review on the go.

Graphics 7/10: Pretty good graphics to me, I kinda felt like I was playing with action figures for a sec but that quickly faded. However sometimes the items you need to find are way too little to see or recognize on what you need to do. Like just trying to see the Paperweight item is rediculously little. But I didnt really like the portraits of the characters though, they were FUGLY! I mean the main character looks bad enough to kill person with his bad looks alone (now thatsm pretty bad wouldnt you say?). Oh well, anyways if you dont like the graphics, one good explanation is is that the graphics arent everything.

Gameplay 8/10: AWESOME gameplay! I loved the Karma system (not this Karma system on the GameFAQs site, the one in the game). But it can get annoying for the fact that you have to kill like 500 enemies just to get 1 measly karma point. Oh well, it picks up later on though so dont think it stays that way thruout the whole game. The battle system is pretty simple too, aim and shoot thats bassicly it. You have to be pretty fast though when your dealing with like 3 or more enemies because if they all get a hit on you at once then you can be in some serious trouble. Other than the karma system, nothing is that big or worth mentioning.

Challenge 10/10: This game is very hard depending wether you are into it or not. This game can be very hard and you might need a Shadowrunner (bodygaurd) right at the beggining of the game if you can afford it, because the cheapest they can go for is like 500 nuyen (nuyen is the name of the money in ShadowRun).

Story 5/10: Brother gets killed, you avenge his death, blah blah, first man landed on the moon, blah blah, you get the idea. Not that great if you asked me but then again the game is pretty good without a great story. Its not that detailed however, sometimes you might run into a plot hole or two but you dont really notice it unless you a plot hole hunter (I sure hope your not a plot hole hunter because alot of times those people dont have lives, lol).

Replayability 7/10: I'd replay it thats for sure, I'm also doing that right now, lol. But if you get frustrated easily at the game for the first time playing it, chances are you wont touch it again once you beat it. But if you liked it the first and are dying for more, play it again or pick up the paper-n-pen version, thats always fun to play.

Side Quests 7/10: This thing has quite alot of side quests, you can be almost anything, a hacker, an assassion. you name it and its most likely there. However there are almost too many for me to type out and some could ruin the game for you, anyways alot of side quests which make it worth your time.

Well thats the end of another one of my reviews for this great RPG. If you have any trouble or questions, feel free to email me or visit the message board, Happy Gamin'!

Review Score: 8/10