Runabout 2 is a great mission racing game, its very similar to the popular Driver games. But instead of driving in just a car or truck, you have much more of a veriety of vehicles. Well lets get on with the reveiw.

Graphics 7/10: Pretty detailed graphics for playstation but they also have a TON of jaggies (jaggies are pixels that make the things look blocky). Pretty decent but sometimes I felt as if the game creators could have done a much better job. But oh well, not that much huge eye candy but good enough to get you thru the game.

Sound 4/10: Good lord what the hell happened here? The sounds arent that good unfortunetly, not that much music to say the least and it gets repetitive. So I STRONGLY recommend you play a CD while playing this game. If not then suit yourself, but hey you never know, you might like the music.

Control 9/10: Now this is a great place where the game goes good. It keeps things very realistic. like the turning on the motor cycle and such. Trust me if you like tough control due to the realism then you'll love this game. I personnally thought the realism was a great addition for this game. Sometimes it can get annoying but other than that you'll do pretty good once you get it down.

Story 6/10: I never really got the story of this game, your mainly a mercinary for hire and you do several jobs to make a living and the missions you choose depend on the ending you get (along with how well you did the final mission). But other than that this game really has no story, sad to say for such a great game.

Secrets & Options 5/10: Well this is another faulter among the game. There arent that many secrets unless you think unlocking dashboard items is worth your time, well dont get me wrong but once you get everything else really the only thing lef to do is get the dash board items and thats it, possible fast racing times but other than that nothing else to do. But still, I like getting everything out of a game as much as possible.

Buy or Rent: Hmmm tought to say, I'd have to say again, rent first to see if you like it. But if you love the driver series then you'll love this game I suggest you'd buy it but if your not to sure about it then settle down with the rent, I mean hey, its only about 4 bucks to rent so go ahead and do that. But I loved this game and bought it, but this game is also one of those where it really depends on the gamer's intrests.

Well thats the end of my little reveiw again. I'll catch you later at my other reveiws and if you have any questions about this game then feel free to email me, see ya!

Review Score: 8/10