Metal Slug X Review
Metal Slug X Review

Metal Slug has been a favorite of mine ever since it hit the arcades. I'm not that much of a big fan of side scrolling games but when they make a good one I'm sure to play it and possibly even buy it. Well lets get on with the review.

Graphics 8/10: Nothing THAT impressive or like something you would see in a Final Fantasy game but none the less decent graphics that are soft on the eyes. I've always been a fan of 2-D graphics and I always think nothing can be better than old school graphics (even though several ''newbie'' gamers dissagree). But decent graphics that are sharper than the arcade version.

Sound 9/10: Realistic sounds all the way in this game! From hear gunshots off in the distance to hearing the battle cry's of your enemy! But the thing that kinda made me mad is that they are kinda muffled for some reason, you'll see what I mean when you hear a soldier scream. Now the music on this game isnt really anything you'd call a SMASH-HIT!! Music in this game but somewhat decent to the ears but can get annoying, I suggest you pop on some music while your playing this game.

Story 4/10: Well this game repeats itself quite a bit, defeat the head honcho guy who strangely looks like Sadam Hussaine but is supposed to be a Hitler clone, dont ask me what the creators were smoking when they made that character. But the story does lag, I dont want to spoil the end of the game but you'll have to fight someone other than that Sadam Hussaine look alike. But to me the story REALLY REALLY lags here. Nothing too big or special in this game no surry.

Battle System 5/10: Nothing too big here, just like the normal 2-D side scrollers, shoot the bad guy, win the babe, save the day. But some of the parts in this game are hilarious, like if you eat too much food your character gets fat and he also gets slower but his strength increase twenty folds. And you can get P.O.W.'s to help you in battle, the funny thing is is that they look like hobo's and when you get the P.O.W. who does hadoken fireballs like Ryu, then your sure to laugh hard. But overall, just the same ol' battle system for 2-D side scrolling.

Secrets and Options 10/10: Now this is where the game really shines to me, I especially loved the boot camp option. You can race thru levels to see how fast you can finish the game or you can see how far you can get in the game without dying (you only get one life on that one). But especially love it when you can go on a coffee break with the boot camp officer Meg(I think thats her name). Its funny how she treats you if your rank is low, and when your rank is high, well you have to see that for yourself. But overall, great options and secrets in this game, oh yeah there are also mini-games you can unlock thru arcade mode.

Buy or Rent?: I would say rent it first to see if you like it, if not then just get it for a good rent for the weekend but if like the game quite a bit then you should go out and pick up a copy, and trust me, you wont be dissapointed. Well thats the end of my little reveiw here, I hope it helps your desicion wether to buy or rent the game, so I'll talk to you later and if have any questions feel free to email me. See ya.

Review Score: 7/10