Notes: Okie dokie, these are gonna be the reviews for what I hope to be several games. For one thing its gonna be tough since it may shoo people away since this is just one persons opinion. I dont really have the time yet to be able to accept reviews from people who view the site. So here goes. And for the legal reasons, if you steal just ONE of MY reviews, I will hunt you down and I can make time to do that. Plus the ones you see here are from GameFAQ's so dont listen to the "go to the message boards if you need help thing" unless you know how to get there. Oh and if you want more opinions, feel free to go to GameFAQ's yourself.

Area 51: Site 4 -Arcade
Armored Core 2: Another Age -Playstation 2
Bushido Blade 2 -Playstation
Ehrgeiz -Playstation
Final Fantasy X -Playstation 2
Guilty Gear X -Playstation 2
Half-Life -Playstation 2
Jak and Daxter -Playstation 2
Metal Slug X -Playstation
Runabout 2 -Playstation
Saiyuki -Playstation
Shadowrun -Super Nintendo System
Shogo -PC
Silhouette Mirage -Playstation
Skate or Die -Nintendo System
Super Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back -Super Nintendo System
T.R.A.G. -Playstation
Thousand Arms -Playstation
Tokimeki Memorial -Super Nintendo System