Half-Life Review
Half-Life Review

I remember seeing Half-Life for the Computer at a local store once and I thought it looked great, however I didnt have the money to buy the game. When I heard it was being ported to the PS2 I jumped in joy, but it wasnt as good as I thought it would be. Lets take a deeper look into the game.

Graphics 8/10: Nicely done graphics but I found alot of jagged lines and details which kinda dumbed down the experience a bit since there are better looking games for the PS2. Its a pretty gory game too which isnt suprising since it is a FPS and a kind of horror type game. Other than that, it wasnt a big ''OH MY GOD LOOK AT THOSE GRAPHICS!!'' kinda game. But its pretty good none the less.

Sound 10/10: Awesome sound effects! I found the fear factor very high especially when you can hear the monsters moving without any music going on, it TRULLY scared the pants off of me. But since there is barely any music that should shoot down the score but the sound effects were so great that it went to a 10 no matter what. Oh yeah, the characters have voice actors too but I also noticed that most of them are the same people so dont expect to hear a huge array of different voices and such.

Fear Factor 9/10: Okay, this game is pretty scary. I was playing it once and a mutant scientist broke part of the door, obviously I fired quit alot of rounds with the shotgun, well when I was reloading the A.I. actually KNEW I was reloading and the monster actually laughed at me! I also found myself turning the game off after certain periods of time (especially after crawling thru an airduct) because the game was so freaky, I LOVED it! It felt like I was actually in the game fighting the aliens and hearing everything going on around me. However the fear factor does go down substantiouly later on in the game due to less scarier enemies but it does pick right back up where it left off after that. Overall, GREAT fear factor.

Story 7/10: A great story for a FPS. One of the best stories I've seen other than Red Faction, However it DOES have its limits. Its pretty boring, your a new guy at military base, experiment goes wrong, you try to escape, wife kills you for being late for dinner, etc. You get the point? Well its pretty good considering its a FPS but nothin too big.

Control 7/10: Decent control, the buttons were well placed except for the lock on button. And the response was decent also, I like how the camera moved when you turn when you are running, it really adds to the fear factor. Other than, it has decent written all over it.

Extra's & Stuff 6/10: This game has completely NO secrets to unlock after you beat the game (well thats what happened when I played). I liked the Decay Missions since me and my friends have been looking for an option like this in a game for a while, but once again its short lived because there are only about 9 or 12 through out the whole decay option. Also getting the cheats isnt hard since all you need to do is enter a button code and voila, you got the cheat! I would have given it a 2 but since I liked the Decay missions, I boosted it to a 6.

Buy or Rent: Depends, if your a fan of FPS's and would want to try something new, go for it and buy it. But if you've played the computer version then dont even bother because its exactly the same except for a few different cut outs. And if your iffy, settle down with a good rent for the weekend. I always reccomend to rent before you buy.

Anyways thats the end of my review, if you have any questions feel free to post at the boards or email me, happy gamin!

Review Score: 7/10