Final Fantasy 10 Review
Final Fantasy 10 Review

Intro: Well well well. Looks like they've come out with a new FF game. Frankly this one isnt that bad nor is it great. I was off looking at the list of games to try out and this one was just screaming out for me to play. Considering that I've heard a lot of people said this game was good, I decided to try it out. Anyways, lets get on with the review!

Graphics 10/10: No doubt this is the best aspect in the whole entire game. The graphics are very beautiful, and the CG Movies are just breath taking! There was no complaint here on giving the graphics a 10 out of 10. But, as comes with awesome graphics comes neglegence on other areas.

Story 4/10: Once again (how am I not suprised?), Square decided to use the most cliche' and overused story in the entire universe! Terrible evil faces planet and plagues the people for centuries, fearless band of warriors and mages decide to go against, they search for a possible way to defeat them but it comes with a price, yada yada yada, one day the Titanic sank, you get the picture? The only part that was some-what suprising (I could see it coming after putting some thought to it) plot twist. I'm not going to spoil it but if you have completely no mystery/scooby doo thinking ability then you'll most likely crap your pants from the twist (my mom watches a ton of mystery movies so I kinda have a talent for predicting whats gonna happen). I would have given it a 2, but since I liked (most of) the characters, I boosted it to a 4. Personally, I like all of the characters except for Yuna. Lulu's personality was just plain awesome, Wakka's funny and easy going tendencies were great, and a whole lot of other things.

Music 5/10: Suprised ya? (horrible Wakka impression, I know) Well of course Square is also known to make incredible music schores, however I didnt really like the music this time around. For one thing, most of them are just slightly edited songs from earlier Final Fantasies (Like the Victory Battle song is definetly edited from FF7 and FF3/6j. Yuna's theme sounded an aweful lot like Tifa's Song in FF7, and I could just go on). The battle music to me and I have HAVE to say this, was extremely dreadful! I mean its the only battle music in the entire freakin game other than some of the boss event battles! They seriously could have done A LOT more better in the music department instead of just editing some old songs and they claiming they're brand new.

Sound Effects 9/10: Great sound effects to say the least. And not only that, the FF series has finally gotten voice actors!! I have to say that they chose the perfect people to do their voices! Lulu's VA (Voice Actor/Actress) had that cool and in-control and strong yet feminine sound. Auron to me sounded quite a bit like David Hayter (the VA that does Solid Snake for the MGS series) but it was still great none the less. Wakka's VA had a great accent to it, he sounded like the exact kind of person you would find on Besaid Island. Tidus's VA was pretty good too, he had that "surfer" ring in his voice by the way he said things and I think that had really added to his background and how people find him different. I could keep going on except its getting kinda late and I have to get on my schoolwork. Now the only complaint I had torwards the VA's was Yuna's VA. I have to say that Yuna's Voice Actress was probably the worst I have heard for the character she was trying to portray! I mean, there were tons of scene's where the character was just pouring their very heart out to Yuna and all she replies with is an air-headed response like, "Yes". And thats all she says! The only time in the entire game where her lines actually meant something was when she is giving the speech at the very end of the game AND Tidus listens to a certain Video Sphere near a certain City! Those 2 times were the only times I found her decent enough. Her voice had fit the character, except she couldnt act with emotion even if it meant her and the entire world's life! And she sucks at crying too, once you reach a certain part in the game, you'll know what I mean.

Gameplay 7/10: The battles were great all together. I especially loved the new "Sphere System" they added instead of the usual leveling up. I thought it had added alot of replayability and customization since you can send a certain character down a certain path in order to make him or her more of a power house, or a magic user, or a healer. The only gripes I had were the music cause it never changes. I was suprised also to see that there were'nt as many mini-games as they had in earlier games such as FF7. Now The Blitzball Games I thought were a very well done and good execution into the game. Blitzball to put it simply, is a Rugby-Soccer game played in a sphere of Water. Sounds great huh? Well it is! But it can get old after a while, but hey thats how I am, it may not apply to you. Also, I think they should have integrated a Music change for the Battle System and the Blitzball games, cause both of their music can get very annoying, VERY fast! Anyways, the Chocobo Racing is back (kinda), but I only found a need for them was to get a Chocobo to ride the first time I got to the place, and to get the Sun Sigil for Tidus's Ultimate Weapon. Other than that, dont even waste your time on it.

Sidequests 8/10: Pretty good sidequests, and I liked how they presented the challenge to get all the characters Ultimate Weapons. I'll explain it, once you acquire the Celestual Mirror, you can go out and find the Ultimate Weapons for your characters. EXCEPT, when you do find them they arent as strong as you think. Thus you need 2 items to get them at their max potential, a Crest and a Sigil. Now that I'm done explaining I'll get more into the challenges of getting some of their Sigil's (the Sigil's are the hardest to get). Now a lot of people found Tidus's Sigil the hardest to get, and I agree but only to a degree. After getting better and better at the Chocobo racing, it was only a matter of time and skill before I got it. The rest are pretty simple to get but its very time consuming, and with the demands of being extremely popular and women wanting me left and right. I just dont have the time to get ALL of the Sigil's in the game (I sure hope you didnt believe me on me being popular and women wanting me left and right cause then I'd dub thee, a retard). Now the funnest parts I had in the game was getting the secret Aeon's. Anima was probably the funnest for me to acheive and use. The Magus Sister's were fun getting also but I never really used them that much since Anima and my characters were powerful enough.

Replayability 6/10: Okay, its got the graphics, its got the battles, its got the cool characters. Whats that you say? Where's the awesome story and the incredible music? Sorry to say but to me they didnt do a too good of a job on those catagories. Plus considering this game is EXTREMELY Linear for, oh, about 99.9% of the entire game. Not only that but dont expect to explore some huge and vast World Map thats beautfiul and glorious. No, no, no, it is no where near anything like that. Apparently the graphics designers got lazy and told the programmers to make a menu-driven airship, pretty crappy I know. Not only that but you dont get to fly the freakin ship until the very very very end of the game. So if your willing to sit thru the extremely long, tedious, and linear gameplay and story PLUS enjoy it again and again, go right ahead and play the game again. But when I tried to replay this game, I just didnt feel up to it and skipped it all together.

Final Comments and Overall Score: Well sad to say, Final Fantasy 10 did NOT live up to my expectations. I'm not saying its a horrible game but I've definetly seen better in other games and different installments in the Final Fantasy Series. The game to me could have been a lot more if they had just spent more time into working on it. Cause since there was a lack of a world map, a FUNCTIONAL airship, some extra battle music to change later on in the game so the battle music dosent drive you insane would have been nice but they just had to get lazy and toss in some overly done plot line, a somewhat suprising plot twist, and a menu driven airship was all we got in terms of what they could have done better on. Anyways, I'm pretty sure your writing a hate-filled and loathsome email to me considering about probably 65% of gamers nowadays are mindless fanboys of Square now (but hey I might be a little lucky and you might be agreeing with me) but anyways. I'll give you my final score for the (not Final Final Fantasy game) widely known Final Fantasy 10 installment:

Overall Score: 6/10