Bushido Blade 2 Review
Bushido Blade 2 Review

This game is a lot more better than what I thought it was. At first I thought it was a game where you fight in a tournement (like about a million other fighting games). But this proves me wrong, it has pretty good graphics, great fighting, bad voice acting and a ton of weapons & characters to choose form to boot!

Graphics 7/10: I thought the graphics werent that bad but they are blocky. If you have a PS2 and you use the Smooth option than that helps A LOT! But its not that bas but the scenery isnt that good. Quite a bit of the scenery is bland and repetitive. Not something you would like to see in a fighting game but its good enough. They could have done better since the game is from Sqaure (aka the Maker of the Final Fantasy Series), and Sqaure is often known for its graphics but they took a turn and didnt put so much effort heavily on the graphics.

Music 2/10: Completely NO music. At least thats what I can remember, most of the sounds you'll hear are from things you'd hear outside like wolves howling, crickets chirping, kathey lee singing, etc. And this is a suprise too since Sqaure is also known for making incredible music for their games.

Gameplay 10/10: Possibly the best fighting engine I've seen! It adds to the challenge since if you mess up, your dead. I mean you can kill an enemy in one hit if you do things right! I absolutely loved it. However this can both severaly lower the challenge or severaly raise it, it all depends on how good you are and how many attacks you know. One of the best things I loved is the realism. They took actual sword fighting stances (such as the Bushido stance, hence the name ^_^) and if your hit correctly your arm, leg, hand, etc wont work! Talk about real! Anyways, great gameplay. However it does fall short, since the story mode isnt that long for each character. The only other modes I think are Versus, Tournement, and Practice (And Options if you count that as gameplay O_o).

Secrets 8/10: Tons o' secret characters! Alot of which are pretty good and I like how you unlock them too, if you beat a certain level when you switch off to a different character then that character will be unlocked, pretty spiffy eh? Sadly thats about all you have to unlock are extra characters but its still fun none the less.

Replayability 7/10: I think this game is great to play every once in a while when your bored or something. Cause it is fun and very addicting. You can play play play and play and probably still not get bored! Well it might not be the same for you but hey you never know, you might like it as much as I do.

Buy or Rent: Buy, definetly buy! If you can find it, I cant believe how some games are getting pretty hard to find but this one shouldnt be that hard with a little bit of luck. And if you cant find it to buy then just settle down with the rent. Its a great game either way.

Well thats the end of my little review, if you have any questions feel free to email me or visit the board for this game, Happy Gamin'!

Final Score: 8/10