Armored Core 2: Another Age Review
Armored Core 2: Another Age

Now I'm not that much of a fan of Mecha games but this one by far got me hooked! Now lets get to the reveiw.

Graphics 9/10: Great graphics, very detailed on the mech's and such. Sometimes the scenery is drab or repetitive but other than that the graphics on this are great.

Music 6/10: It lags here because its not really anything you want to keep in your head, most of the time I forget it once I turn off the PS2. But decent enough to get you thru the game. So I suggest you pop on a CD while playing. Other than that, not much of a big woo.

Sound Effects 8/10: Awesome sound effects! Right down to the crubling of building parts. Very realistic and very well drawn into the game and they fit for what you destroy. Great sound effects.

Story 5/10: It lags here a bit, mainly due to you being a mercenary for hire. You have alot more missions than AC2 and alot more items and such but other than that nothing too big, so dont expect anything shocking or a huge plot twist.

Control 8/10: Above average control, very realistic on movements, sometimes it can be a bit sluggish though but thats due to the realisticness of moving the mech. Great control for this game, but I feel it was somewhat tweaked for more response than AC2 (Armored Core 2).

Battle System 7/10: More of the same shooter type battling, they also took out the Arena so dont expect being able to go head to head with other Ravens. I was dissapointed with that because I loved fighting in there and bringing up my rank.

Replayability 9/10: Great replayability, not only that but there are also hidden parts which are awesome to get. You also can convert your old AC2 Mech into AC2:AA, so you dont have to worry about losing that awesome mech you built earlier. I especially love the replayability in a game BUT only if its a good enough game thats worth my time.

Options 7/10: They could have done better here, I love the versus modes but I still wish they left in the Arena system. There are more missions here also so do expect more time into this game. Oh yeah and they also took out the email thingie, I kinda liked that though.

Buy or Rent: Definetly Buy if you like robot fighting, I love this game and have already bought it. So if your a bit iffy on it then settle down for the rent, as always its better to be safe than sorry. Well my reveiw is done here, if you have any questions just go on the message board or email me, PEACE!

Reviewer's Score: 9/10