I Hope The RIAA Gets Raped Up The Ass
I Hope The RIAA Gets Raped Up The Ass

I'm sure you all know what that is all about. The RIAA has threatened to sue everyone who downloads mp3's or what they like to call, "pirated music" (yar). Which is absolutely insane for one thing. Do you know, how many users are on those file sharing programs? Millions. Yes, millions of people. Now you tell me, do you think the RIAA is willing to devote years of time and hard work just so they can send the message that mp3's are bad? HELL NO. I mean really, workers are lazy, that's a no brainer. So I really doubt they are going to sift through millions of users just to get them arrested/sued/whatever.

First of all, I download mp3's just like about 99.9% of everyone on the internet. For two reasons mainly:

1. I'm way too cheap to buy the CD's.
2. And when I do have money for the CD's, I can't seem to find them anywhere in my town.

You see? There are legit reasons to pirating music. It's still "illegal" though (not really, they just want to scare shit-faced retards into not downloading music anymore). The only real big crackdown that hit the papers was Napster, and that wasnt even a good program. Viruses galore, mediocre library, and an annoying interface. Try as the RIAA might, they will not win. Ever. And you know why?


The RIAA should really get a life and try to not control the net. It's like trying to convert a strongly gay guy into becoming hetero again. Pretty much a one in a million shot that will end in someone getting their ass beaten.