Reasons Why We Should Kill Off All Arrogant People
Reasons Why We Should Kill Off All Arrogant People

So I was walking around the store the other day with a couple buddies of mine, and this candy ass prick decides to voice how he feels about himself and how he is better than everyone in the world. That made me mad, not because he's better than me (hell, a dog with no nuts, one leg, one eye, that has epilepsy is better than me) but because he thinks his opinion is fact. I mean really, what makes a person think they are better than someone else? We all eat, piss, shit, sleep, and yet he thinks he is better than everyone else because he thinks differently. Needless to say, when he was walking out to his car afterwards, me and my pals beat his ass down. But thats another story. So now for your viewing pleasure, I will break down the reasons why we should kill them all off the face of the earth by stabbing them with their own words.

"I'm mature."
What in the hell does it mean to be mature? Serious about things? Wow thats incredible, you know how to make yourself look like a blue-collar dumbass who doesnt know how to laugh at things in life. Most of the people who use this line have absolutely NO sense of humor. Shouldn't take things so seriously man, just sit down, shut up, and take a look at things every so often.

"You have not shown any form of intelligent conversation."
So? Just because we're talking about non-sense doesn't mean you have to sit there and listen. If you dont like it, get the hell out! We are NOT going to change the topic because you don't like it and think it's childish or pathetic. Damn retards, you dont have to be smart to have fun (but being smarter does help, it keeps you from killing yourself or putting on the Lifetime channel). And what exactly is an intelligent conversation? Oh wow, look at us, we're debating about "controversial" topics that will only piss us off and won't go anywhere BECAUSE OUR DAMN OPINIONS ARENT WORTH SHIT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

"I'm better than all of you because [Insert Reason]."
Okay, why are you better than us? Because you take things differently? Not laugh at anything? Think that your life actually has meaning? I can tell you right now, your thoughts and your opinions are not worth a peice of shit, retard. We are all going to die one day, so does it matter what you think before that? Not really, so get the hell off your damn high-horse and get skull-fucked by reality like the rest of us.

"I'm not here because I want to be."
Then GET OUT dumbass. Seriously, if your reason for staying is that retarded, maybe you should just take that reason elsewhere, eh? The next time someone says that to me face to face, I will punch that person in the throat and proceed to beat them until they crawl away from the room.

The point is, dont be arrogant. It's retarded, and you make mistakes when you are. Big mistakes, ones that might cost you your life one day. Not that that is a bad thing, mind you.