Links to Really Really Nasty Things
Links to Really Really Nasty Things

This here links to some other sick and disgusting things on the Net. You havent experienced the internet until you've seen these sick bastards! By the way, if you wanna submit some other sites. Just email them on over and I'll post them up.

WARNING!: All of these sites are VERY offensive and gory. If you have a weak stomach, dont look at this sites. If you are easily offended, just dont look at the sites! If you email me saying that I am a sick bastard for posting these sites, THANK YOU! So if you just arent up to looking at these sick and nasty things, just dont look! Now that I've said that, all the willing people can enjoy it.

Legolas & Gimli Fanfics (Not really a sick link, but Shinigami02 posted this up so I decided to put it on here for everyone to see)

All Man-Juice Diet (for the idiot's out there; man-juice is semen)

Natural Born Losers


Atlas of Congenital Anomalies of the External Genitalia


What happens during Circumcision?

Inactivism Page

World Wide Wounds


No Scalpel Vasectomy

Treatment of Diabetic Foot


Necro Peep Show (Yummy! Nothing like dead women to get you off!)

Dermatology Online Atlas

Long Beach Animal Hospital

Show Me Your Wound

Car Crash Photo's (Some galleries may not work)


Extreme Birth Deformities

Right and Wrong Made Simple

Malady of the Month (Has the HF in it!)

Sick Willy Gallery

Silicone Breast Implants - Photos your Plastic Surgeon Won't Show You

Genital Warts Pictures (Heh heh heh, poor bastard.)

Lurid Junkie

Corpse of the Week!

Stone Baby

Eye Disease Photo's

Gallery of Intense Death


The Skull

My Personal Pics of Roadkill

Necro Hip Hop! (Shake that dead booty baby!)

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan