Freaks of Nature and Poor Souls
Freaks of Nature and Poor Souls

First off, HUGE shout out to FighterX for finding all of these pics. Now that that is out of the way..

Well now, this is one of another LUE's greatness. I recently (11/30/02) saw a topic about ugly people on sites. Now, these people are not just ugly, they should be deemed freaks and mutants by the government. I give them a great amount of pity (except for the first goth girl, she seems cute) and wish that they would do themselves a favor and kill themselves. Anywa, here are the freaks! By the way, if you have any pictures of freaks you would like to share, you can email me at

I thought Harlequin Fetuses couldnt live more than 3 days...

Hey look! Its a bloodhound! Its droopy! No wait! Its your grandma!

Not even God's power can save this poor nun.

Who says smoking cant hurt you?

Return of the 50's freakish wife!

Ma'm, that is worse than burning the flag.

Man or Woman? YOU DECIDE!

Four Words: Kill me now God!

She isnt ugly or anything, but is she sitting on a toilet?

A sad deformed SCAT lover.

Lady, the man is supposed to get drunk to sleep with you. Not the other way around.

Nothin' like bringing a bondage queen home to your parents!


Great, just what we need. A 10 year old goth poser.

If she thinks guy will want her because of her big breasts. She is SADLY mistaken!

Yet another posing ugly goth.

I geuss thats a man..

Yes, nothing like having a cow crush you against the floor... wait thats a woman!?

I think Daddy focused on her face a liiiiiiittle too much.

When will the South learn to quit getting their sisters pregnant!?

She has the arms and legs of a muscular man. Lets just hope she doesnt have the same parts as a man too...

Uh.. no comment.

Either she is taking a bite out of crime or taking a huge dump. YOU DECIDE!

Listen kid, showing off your cleavage will NOT get you a man when your face is that ugly!

Well the Government finally did it. They made a human/monkey hybrid.

*cough*Slut!*cough* ..What? Why else would she be holding her legs open like that? Although I wouldnt complain if she actually put out. XD

Yes that is a woman. And no, that is not Pat from Saturday Night Live.

She takes goth to a whole new level.

As FighterX said when he saw this, 'Her date should check for "extra package".'

Wow... just wow.

I agreed with FighterX when he said.. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

I said it once and I'll say it again. WHEN WILL THE SOUTH STOP GETTING THEIR SISTERS PREGNANT!!?!?!

Hurray! Our souls will be devoured by an evil looking asian elf! At least she isnt really ugly like the others on here.

Can you say: Too much plastic surgery? ..I knew you could.