Emulators and Roms: The Gateway to Gaming
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So, you're probably wondering. Video games? What does that have to do with being a LUEser? Well, not a whole lot. It's pretty optional, but if you dont know what you're talking about, you can get bashed pretty hard. Personally, I like the vintage gaming. Anything dating back to the SNES era and earlier is what I love. And certain Playstation games have entered into my favorites zone. Although Playstation roms are pretty rare, that shouldn't stop you from at least trying. Your best bet to finding old PS1 games is by visiting a store that deals in used items, most of the time they have a video game section with a boat load of used playstation games (most without a scratch), and if you're lucky like me, they'll even have SNES, NES, Atari, and NeoGeo games. BUT, we are here to discuss emulation.

Emulation is probably the best thing to gamers by far, you can play whatever game you want (granted you can find it) for free without legal restraint (most sites do warn you that you have to delete the rom in 24/48 hours to avoid legal issues unless you have the original cart.) With that set aside, I'm sure you're wondering, "Just where the hell do I find all these roms and emulators!?" You can always use google or any other search engine (I prefer google though, mainly because of its many uses and it loads very fast) OR you can find a site like mine where the guy hands you several links to emulation sites. (Links to emulation sites will be at the bottom of the article)

Anyway, be sure to remember some very simple rules. NEVER share a link with anyone (even if its your dying grandmother) that has great/rare roms if it is on a Geocities/Angelfire/whatever free site service, because if you do, the bandwidth will rarely ever be re-supplied and you can never ever get to that site again because of all the idiots you shared it with. ALWAYS put gaming on good priority, try and keep up to date with the current games (at least rent them and give em a 30 minute whirl if you can) because nothing is worse than a retard going around saying, "Dude! That game sucks major ass/balls/goatse/donkey/horse/your momma/etc.!!" (and if I catch you doing that, I will personally hunt you down and beat you with a wet noodle). And try to be helpful with the people who are stuck with a part in a game, if not then you are encouraged to insult them for being an idiot for not figuring it out himself/herself. So thatt's about it for the Roms and Emulation, now please enjoy these delightful links to them:

Cherry Roms
Zophar's Domain
Emulation Paradise (Might not be working)