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Hobo Winamp Skins

The Realm Of Hobos Home Page

this page is for winamp skins. some aren't 
hobo skins some are just cool ones i made. 
I hope you like them. If some don't work then
just let me know in an e-mail.

 skin of Corey Taylor of Slipknot. I drew it

 a chicken bird. black skin.

 crazy hobo skin. that's all i can say.

 First hobo skin i made. Kind of crappy. Sorry about that.

 Pretty cool. Needs the EQ in the middle to look right. Pretty awesome.

 Pretty cool. Nothing special though. Nice one. 

 Awesome skin of the hobo reaper

 This is my favorite. Hobos fight back skin. VERY FUNNY! 

 3 pics. Logs kinda cool. Hobo without a tooth brush, logo 1, and logo 2. Very cool.

 Blood and stuff. Dead hobos. 

 Very cool. Needs EQ in the middle not to look gay.

 Hobo in a trash can. Need I say more?

 This one is okay. Not my best. Pic of an older hobo logo, that we didn't use as a logo. 

 Here is one of the green logo. If your fav. color is green you have to download this skin. 

 3 pics. It looks ok. not the best skin, by far not the worst

 here is a skin. It is a pic of kermit the frog. Funny stuff

 Made with parental advisories. Very sweet.

 This is one of the cast of Dogma. 

 This is one of the angels on Dogma. 

 Art work from the Blunt Man And Chronic comic

 Bob with a cape.

 Poster art from Dogma. 

 Cover art of a Jay And Silent Bob comic 

 The death of Chronic 

 Jay and Bob about to eat. 

 More poster art from Dogma. 

 Nice one of Jay and Bob 

 Another Dogma poster.

 Jay and Bob again.

 Mallrats movie poster.

 Dogma movie poster.

 Another Comic.