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Here are the people we ride and skate with and us too. Read on and if you see us sometime say hi.

Name: Cory

Nickname: CJ

Age: 14

Location: Raymond, IL

Status: Founder

Skates On: 2one7 deck, Destructo trucks, Blind wheels, Lucky hardware

Dream Board: one that flys

Been Skating: 1 year

Favorite Trick: Varial Flip

Misc. Info/Statements: Rap (nuff said)    Lucky is da bomb

Name: Josh

Nickname: Shorty

Age: 16

Location: Waggoner, IL

Status: Co-Founder, Website Designer

Skates On: Element deck, Orion trucks, Element wheels, Shorty's hardware

Dream Board: One that is feather light and lands perfect every time

Been Skating: 2 months

Favorite Trick: 5-0 Grind

Misc. Info/Statements: Holy shit, he just killed a 900!

Name: James

Nickname: Nizzle

Age: 16

Location: Farmersville, IL

Status: Founder

Skates On: Shorty's Deck, Orion Trucks, ??? wheels, shitty hardware

Dream Board: Whatever works

Been Skating: Little less than a year

Favorite Trick: Varial Flip

Misc. Info/Statements:

Name: Anthony

Nickname: Tony

Age: 16

Location: Raymond, IL

Status: Member

Skates On: CCS deck, Inde trucks, Pig wheels, ??? hardware

Dream Board:

Been Skating: 1 Month

Favorite Trick:

Misc. Info/Statements: