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Sorry I haven't updated the site too much. Damned school been keeping me busy and other stuff going on. We went up to Skanks last weekend and had a blast. Pretty cool place, you should check it out. As for the site, keep checking back for updates and more. 


Welcome to our website. This is a site for the skaters in Illinois to get together and talk or just meet other people who do what they like to do. Feel free to browse our site and plz post a message on our board even if you are just saying hello. If you would like to have your name and pic posted on our members page just email me.

*Our website contains a text you probably don't have so right click on it and choose save target as to download the Abduction II text. It is not necessary to download it but it really makes our site look cool and it only takes a few secs even on slow connections. Once it asks you where you want to save it choose C:\Windows\Fonts and it will work.*