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Home of Naturs Thunderbolt Thor
#7 American Eskimo Dog 2003
1st Award of Merit 2003 National Specialty Show
1st Award of Merit 2004 Westminster Show

Natur American Eskimo Dogs
(Natur = German for Natural)

Located in Eastern Pennsylvania
One to two select litters each year

Holistic Natural Rearing essentially means doing everything for your dogs as closely to Nature as possible. It means using fresh human foods (not junk food). We use organic vegetables and herbs from the garden, raw and cooked meat and raw bones and unrefined whole grains. We add vitamins, minerals and balanced oils. Filtered well water, and lots and lots of love, fresh air and sunshine round it all out.

Our dogs live in a "Healthy Home". No synthetic chemical cleaners of any kind are used. We never expose our dogs to flea/tick "dips". We use a natural pyrethrin outdoor spray on the outer perimeter (beyond their play area) as a tick barrier. Their house is electromagnetically balanced by the EF5000 unit which neutralizes harmful electromagnetic wave patterns emanating from all household and office appliances. We use full spectrum lighting (with the color spectrum of the sun) and the Living Air XL-15 Ozonator to eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds and freshen and purify the air.

We screen our dogs for eye diseases using CERF Ophthalmalogic exams and Optigen for Genetic Testing. We also screen for Hip Dysplasia (OFA-Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). Health care is primarily Holistic. This includes Classical Homeopathy, Advanced Chiropractic techniques, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki, T Touch and Applied Kinesiology - as needed.

As life long animal lovers our care taking and training experience goes back over 40 years. We train our Eskies in Basic Obedience and Agility and they also work with us as Therapy Dogs. All pups are socialized to household events and temperament tested at 7 weeks old. Particular attention is paid to ensure they are happy, well adjusted and sound physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We place particular emphasis on correct movement and temperament both of which are noted health indicators.

We also look for powerful broad jaws, broad skull, a muzzle long enough to bring down and hold onto prey and smaller erect ears true to Northern animals. A heavy standoff double coat and thick full manes are also emphasized. These are characteristic of the hardy ancestral American Eskimo Dog.

We chose the Standard American Eskimo Dog due to its history of longevity, low incidence of inheritable diseases, and having spent much of my childhood in Germany I have fond memories of Great White Spitz. Especially their thick sparking white coats and eye catching black points which are so like our Eskies.
We were particularly attracted to well bred "Eskies" joyful, loving disposition and their remarkable intelligence, hardiness and adaptability.
American Eskimo Dogs are a Natural Breed.

I serve as Vice President and have headed the Awards and Education Committee for years for our local AKC Club the "American Eskimo Dog Fanciers Club of Greater Philadelphia". I have also published many articles in our quarterly newsletter "Eskie Encounters", since 2001.


Many, excellent photos of Natur Kennel's adult dogs are also found in the latest eskie book "American Eskimo Dog" by Richard G. Beauchamp copyright 2003.

Click Here for the Legend of Photos in the above book.

The New American Eskimo Book has a front cover photo of Manishka's mother Marushka (bottom right), and centered is a photo of Thunder, Thor's Great Grandfather.


Natur Kennels is featured in the American Eskimo Dog Champions book 1995-2001. On Pages 7-9 you will find more information about our natural rearing and more photos. AKC CH Wrights Manishka is featured as Top Producing Dam for 2001 on page 70.




  • CH Naturs WindWhisper of Adonis at 8 months -- September 2004  BrownTrout Calendar
  • Wrights Kobi of Natur as a puppy -- January 2004  World of Discovery Calendar
  • CH Pikatti Dutch's Triple Crown -- December 2004 World of Discovery Calendar
  • CH Pikatti Dutch's Triple Crown -- July 2005 World of Discovery Calendar
  • CH Wrights Manishka 5 yrs old  -- June 2005 World of Discovery Calendar
  • CH Naturs Thunderbolt Thor 3 yrs old -- July 2005 BrownTrout Calendar
  • Look for our Adult Dogs in the American Eskimo Dog Calendars from 2004 and on. The professional photographers are Isabelle Francais and Faith Uridel.

Some of the dogs found in our bloodlines:

AKC CH Pikatti Dutch's Triple Crown

AKC CH/UKC GR.CH. Prince of Thieves

GR.CH. Wright's Lady Hamilton

AKC CH/ UKC GR.CH. Hamilton's River of Dreams

UKC GR.CH. Wright's Marushka

UKC GR.CH. J bar's Egyptian Eyes of Pyramid

UKC GR.CH. Sierra's Obe-One-Kenobi

UKC CH. Sno Flash's Charisma

CH Wright's Quantum Thunder

CH Hamilton's-Wright's Conquistador

UKC.GR.CH Bahalema's Smokey Mountain (Stormy)

UKC GR.CH. Kortmar Sierra's Vegas

UKC N GR.CH. Sierra's Blockbuster

UKC GR.CH. Sierra's Sudden Fame

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