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Realm of Narelus Gje D'haleran

Welcome to my first real attempt at a web page…Lets see how little I can botch this up. In a world called Hollow, I am a powerful mage named Narelus. I have live for centuries among the citizens of this realm, gaining power in my never-ending quest for knowledge. Here in lies my story, and some helpful hints on how to make your existence in this harsh realm an easier one…I unlock a few doors to my wisdom, so that mine faults will not be repeated by others.

Whats here?

So pick one already!

Who is Narelus?
New Beginnings
Tips for Your Journey in Hollow
Magic Users Journey Guide.
Youve never actually been to the World Called Hollow?!? GO NOW!
Kaizers Page. Hollow history, and Rp.