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About our Club

Myth, fantasy and fairy tales come alive at our club. Light and dark coexist among realms and many character created domains. Characters choose their adventures while living in castles, an Inn, Foxie's Tavern,a Treehouse, cabins or a home your imagination creates. We offer never ending lands of Mythical, an Isle of Ice where Mayhem reigns supreme, The land of Rheignelle, Dragonland, Legion of Doom, Rendora, Traveler's Way and many more! Our characters write these stories. The good and evil will test your imagination while you venture through never ending lands and join with our numerous characters.

Join in an adventure at our club or create one of your own. Your character or characters holds the magic to fantasy, fairy tales and dreams coming alive.

You choose who you become !

You choose your destiny !


# 1. Have Fun !

# 2. Do not kill someone else's character without their informed, permission in advance.

# 3. The club is an open readership. The content and language must be acceptable for young readers.

# 4. Respect other members and an existing adventure if you insert your own character.

How To Begin?

A character biography not required but is helpful. You can enter your character in the "Database" if you choose at the club. It's mythically helpful to give us the name your character is to be referred and be kind and sign each post/message. Begin your character in an ongoing adventure or create a beginning adventure of your own.


Mythical: The primary and beginning land, home to The Empress Castle, The Queen's Treehouse Folk, Foxie's Tavern, The Wizard's Home, Mythical's Arena and Tree of Souls.

Fox Den Tavern: The gaterhing place center of Mythical, run by Foxie and Ace. A place where the ale runs as free as the chatter, food a'plenty for all--rooms are priced just right ! A great place to visit or to begin your journey.

Dragonland: A mountain and valley where dragons of Mythical live. Clans that survived great evil in centuries past, now free and pledged to protect Mythical from dark forces.

Isle of Ice: Land of Mayhem ruled by Queen Ekia who is served by the dark drow. A land renewed by this Queen and greater than mere ice alone.

Winters Peak: A series of Snowy mountains that are treacherous by far, only creatures of high cold tolerance dare travel the peaks.

Rheignelle: Elven Nation connected to Mythical and bound by treaty. Lord Keegan (his castle stands the center, he and the elders strive to give their people hope for the future.

Raven's Dark Castle: Home to Zodiac, from the realm of Veil. A rock/castle risen from the ocean's churning waves, a place of horror and bleak torture for mere pleasure of Zodiac's sadistic whims.

Legion of Doom (Dark Realm): A land where the dark gather. Black spectrals of the bleakest arts. The most evil and troublesome who disdain the light and thrive on hope of doom.

Necropolis: Once ruled by Runir, a necromancer of impressive leadership. Here he rules over the dead while his domain serves portal to to many worlds (one ruled by his son, Aaron).

Rendora: A Vampire Nation only a sea voyage from Mythical. Turmoil and treachery in such a beautiful place by day for walkers in the sun. The darkest of its inner city alive at dark where sin and blood thirst runs wild.

Moridham: A Dwarven nation in a mountain made with all sorts of tunnels, a land guarded by soldiers. Led by a King, all focused on something from mining, smithing, defense of the city, soldiers for any war. A friendly domain but cautious--if they like you.

Isle of Lia:Isle just off the northern coast, home to the elite royal naval ships of Mythical. An isle named by the Captain of Mythical's royal fleet but a mysterious island, ever changing its magic depending who or what dare come a'shore

Traveler's Way: A land just north of Mythical's Castle for lost traveler's. A land for new characters to seek haven or existing characters to take on a change to themself. Visitors and residents never to cease living but always face intrigue and mystery. A land of the unexplained.



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