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What Witches are and are not

What witches are NOT!!!

First off witches are not Satan worshipers. Witches were around long before Christianity or any notion of a devil so why (or how for that mater) would we worship him when we didn't do it for so many centuries. In Fact most witches don't even beleave in a devil. Moving along witches also are not the wicked witch of the West, also we are not the three women of eastwick. Witches don't fly around on broomsticks, turn people into toads, eat children, sacrifice animals, and we never gain any power from the suffering of others.

What witches are.

Witches are normal people in every sense. The only difference is our religious choice(actually there are witches that are athiests...more on this later). We eat, sleep, our business, work, pay bills taxes ext. shop and all other things people do.

Let me make one thing here clear. Simply switching your religion does not make a person a witch. Anyone can go to the bookstore buy a book on something like wicca and call themselves a witch. Such a simple act dose not make one a witch. Through practice and study and learning how to work with magick then you become a witch. Agian a simple act like calling yourself wiccan does not make you a witch.

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