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Mystic's Pagan Forum

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Welcome to Mystics Pagan forum. Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about paganism. Also section two will have more detialed info on various forms of paganism.

Disclaimer: If for any reason you chose to use any spells or any forms of magick please do so with caution. Magick is not a game, it is real and has real consequences. So please don't play with it and always stick to the golden rule: An it harm none, Do what ye will.

Please notice. On the bottom of each page there is my email address and link to my guestbook. If you have a specific question not answered somewhere on the site or have a sugestion please feal free to e-mail me or sign it into my guest book (I check each at least once daily), and I'll do my best to answer it quickly.

Also this page is still under heavy construction so please be patient and all will come in time.

All materials property of Daniel Ciancia no more then short sections to be copied withough writtin permission

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